• How The Internet Changed Human Principles Of Influence [PODCAST]

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    Dr. Robert Cialdini, author of the groundbreaking book, "Influence", lays out this 6 principles of his theory of influence. In this podcast your host Chris Kalaboukis asks the tough question -- Do these principles still apply?

    Has the internet, social networks, and the ability for us to obtain so much information changed the applicability of these principles?

    When we think about connecting a buyer and a seller on the internet, at what point does content marketing flooding the internet with click-bait content actually become effective?




    Good morning everyone and welcome to the think future podcast I’m your host Chris Kalaboukis and once again we’re coming to you live from deep in the heart of Silicon Valley California. Now today show is a bit of a little bit of a department departure for what we typically top a get to talk about but as we say it’s about innovation disruption startups and the future not necessarily those and not necessarily. In that order and today I’m going to talk a little bit about. Humanity. In a much talk a little bit about humanity in the context of. Persuasion and influence. Now how we can tie that back to innovation disruption in the future is that. When we think about sales when we think about selling to people when we think about connecting a buyer and a seller. I’ve talked before about how inefficient the systems are that are out there today and wouldn’t be great if there was something that was a little bit more accurate about Schenectady a buyer and a seller and then me being peppered with billions of ads as I surf around the Internet. And I think about and I’ve talked before about content marketing and how I feel about content marketing what I think content marketing has ended up doing. It’s ended up basically flooding the internet with a click-bait style content just so you can cheaply or supposedly cheaply drive people back to your business so that they can people can purchase from you. And if you think about it let’s go back to the root of all this why do I capture someone’s email address when I go to websites or go to a website and someone offers me something for free so they can catch. My email address and then want to capture my e-mail address they just continually send me stuff which they think I would be interested in supposedly things of value and this is what marketers have always said send out things of value so that eventually at some point after all this valuable stuff has been sent out to those prospective customers they will turn around and say listen this guy’s pretty good I’ve got all these great information from him I’m going to turn around and buy from them. Now the root of that is something called the principle of reciprocity and if you’ve read Robert. He wrote a book called influence a while back came up with this theory of influence and in that theory of influence there are six key principles and I can tell you the principles but I like to go through the principles and I like to go through the principles and ask you and just anyone in general. Do these principles still apply because I have this sense that the Internet and social networks and the ability for us to become or seem to be evolving into this hyper-connected style human this Homo Nexus type person that I’ve been talking about and the availability of so no much information on the Internet has it in some way twisted or changed humanity to the point where the six key principles of influence no longer truly apply. And I’m thinking to myself that that may be the case because a lot of the things that have to do with these six principles. No longer apply because if you can get any piece of information from anyone. And at any time. Through the medium of the Internet and social media and social networks then where does the principle of scarcity fit in. So let’s go through them the first one is arrest prosody So reciprocity is that I give you something if I give you something then you’re more likely or you feel obligated to give me something back so for example. Show less
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