• The Wayfarer Project Vlog 2018-04-08 - The Re-Launch of The Wayfarer Project

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    Lawrence W. Moore announces the re-launch of The Wayfarer Project and the initiation of a new series, The Wayfarer Project Vlog. This series will contain all of the interests that The Wayfarer Project embodies plus announcements about music releases, new videos, and other assorted things. The Wayfarer Project is dedicated to the concept of the life journey, and the quest we are all undertaking by living our lives. It touches on philosophy, spirituality, and especially, creativity.

    The creative spirit within us is the unique gift that we have to offer the universe. As we our individual beings individual experiences form unique perspectives, our creativity is an expression of this. Our creative endeavors are where we can be truly honest with ourselves and others about our experiences. Whether one engages is creative writing, visual art, music, or dance, we are channeling ourselves, from our own unique perspectives into our work.

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  • The Wayfarer Project Vlog

    The Wayfarer Project Vlog is where Lawrence W. Moore shares his thoughts on the life journey. Topics range from philosophy, to spirituality, to science, to creativity, and beyond. The study of the human condition is one of the most valuable pursuits in this lifetimes, for it is the study of who and what we are.
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  • A Wayfarer's Journey in Minecraft

    Join Wayfarer on his quest through a world generated by Minecraft. This quest is one of adventure, creativity, and wonder. This series is for both those who play the game of Minecraft as well as those who just enjoy good adventure stories.
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  • Wayfarer Sonic Visions Meditations Play all

    Wayfarer's Sonic Visions Meditations are a series of meditational videos with powerful, analog electronic music and imaginative visuals that help one to achieve a trance state for meditation.
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  • Wayfarer Meditation Mandalas Play all

    Wayfarer's Meditation Mandalas series is a collection of moving, video mandalas and pattern-based, pulsing musical sounds that help one to entrance the senses and achieve a quieter mental state for meditation.
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  • Wayfarer Farming Play all

    Wayfarer Farming is all about urban farming and growing as much food as possible in one's own patio garden or backyard. It's a funa nd entertaining serious full of useful information. You can comment, ask questions, and participate as well!
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  • Pieces by Lawrence W. Moore Play all

    This series consists of electro-acoustic music and art videos composed by Lawrence W. Moore.
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  • The Collaborations of Lawrence W. Moore Play all

    Multimedia artist and composer of electro-acoustic music, Dr. Lawrence W. Moore works in collaboration with artists of various forms of media. Moore produces video art for composers, composes music for any variety of multimedia forms, and works in collaboration providing music and/or video art for dancers and performance artists.
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