• Living with PPP (palmoplantar pustular psoriasis) - Channel

    • 16 videos
    Living with PPP, palmoplantar pustular psoriasis, a auto-immune disease. I will share my tips to cope with this disease as I go through my journey.
    This is a disease that has no cure.
    We are simply l
  • The Daily Wire - Channel

      The Daily Wire is a politically conservative news and opinion website featuring daily podcasts by Andrew Klavan, Michael Knowles, Matt Walsh, and Editor-In-Chief Ben Shapiro. The Daily Wire YouTube ch
      • CHANNEL
    • PlayingTots - Channel

      • 22 videos
      Playingtots is a website that provides free printable for the kids to play and learn. We aim at providing good quality printable for the kids.

      We provide printable charts, flash cards, worksheets, ac
      • CHANNEL
    • CookieSwirlC - Channel

        CookieswirlC's mission is to inspire creativity and spread positivity around the world through fun uplifting videos ◕‿◕ I'm obsessed with gaming , DIY crafting and love to collect toys.

        * Are you s
        • CHANNEL
      • Homeschool On - Channel

          Come on over and let's talk about homeschool curriculum, homeschool chaos, homeschool schedules, homeschool planning and the general mayhem that accompanies real life homeschooling! With 5 little kids
          • CHANNEL
        • Rock City Corpus - Channel

          • 153 videos
          Because there’s more...
          • CHANNEL
        • Valuetainment - Channel

            An entrepreneur channel created by Serial Entrepreneur, Patrick Bet-David. Valuetainment is referred to as the best channel for entrepreneurs with weekly How To's, Motivation and interviews with uniqu
            • CHANNEL
          • StevenCrowder - Channel

              The NUMBER ONE conservative late night comedy show!!

              Want to watch the full show every day? Join #MugClub! http://louderwithcrowder.com/mugclub
              • CHANNEL
            • PowerfulJRE - Channel

                The Joe Rogan Experience podcast
                • CHANNEL
              • PragerU - Channel

                  PragerU is an online video resource promoting knowledge and clarity on life's biggest and most interesting topics. We gather some of the world's best thinkers and distill their best ideas into free, 5
                  • CHANNEL
                • A Kid Explains History - Channel

                    History is a big subject, full of facts, dates and strangely dressed people with weird names. But at its core, it's really just a collection of stories that tell us how we got to be here. 11 year old
                    • CHANNEL
                  • Jordan B Peterson - Channel

                      Support this channel at jordanbpeterson.com/donate/

                      Instead of emailing Dr. Peterson, please consider posting your letter to his subreddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/JordanPeterson/

                      Dr. Jordan B Pete
                      • CHANNEL
                    • The Rubin Report - Channel

                        The Rubin Report is the largest talk show about free speech and big ideas on YouTube.

                        Each week Dave Rubin uses logic and reason to have honest conversations about politics, polarizing issues, curre
                        • CHANNEL
                      • Homeschool Pop - Channel

                          We make fun, interactive elementary learning videos! Our videos are not just for homeschool students, our videos are used in thousands of classrooms around the world!
                          Our goal is to develop fun learn
                          • CHANNEL
                        • Official Steven Furtick - Channel

                            Steven Furtick is a pastor, songwriter, & New York Times best-selling author. As founder and lead pastor, he has helped grow the multi-site Elevation Church into a global ministry through online strea
                            • CHANNEL
                          • Transformation Church - Channel

                              • CHANNEL
                            • The Potter's House at OneLA x Denver - Channel

                                • CHANNEL
                              • Elevation Church - Channel

                                  See what God can do through you. This is the vision of Elevation Church, led by Pastor Steven Furtick and based in Charlotte, NC with multiple locations throughout the US and Canada.

                                  For more informa
                                  • CHANNEL
                                • DC - Channel

                                    Welcome to the Official YouTube channel for DC Entertainment, home to DC Comics (Superman, Batman, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, The Flash and more), Vertigo Comics (Sandman, Fables, American Vampire a
                                    • CHANNEL
                                  • Ben Shapiro - Channel

                                      Ben Shapiro is a renowned conservative political pundit, syndicated columnist, lawyer, and NYT bestselling author. He is Editor-in-Chief of news and opinion site The Daily Wire and host of the popular
                                      • CHANNEL
                                    • RUTH’S SURGERY UPDATE #1 - Duration: 5 minutes, 6 seconds.

                                      • 1 year ago
                                    • shnobel - Channel

                                        Thank you for visiting my youtube channel, my name is Roman and I'm in love with the electric guitar and everything surrounding it, i get a kick out of demoing guitar gear old and new, if you are inte
                                        • CHANNEL
                                      • Elise Trouw - Channel

                                          • CHANNEL
                                        • Wildfire (LIVE) // Jordan Deal - Duration: 8 minutes, 1 second.

                                          • 2 years ago
                                          One shot from the night we recorded "Wildfire" Live. www.thejordandeal.com
                                          Wildfire Lyrics:
                                          Verse 1:
                                          You’re like a wildfire, You won’t be controlled
                                          I have tried to contain You, but You melt my he...
                                        • Weakness, Darkness, and a little bit of Fertilizer // Jordan Deal - Duration: 1 hour, 10 minutes.

                                          • 2 years ago
                                          Jordan talks a about finding God in the midst of weakness, darkness, and when you feel covered in... it. www.thejordandeal.com
                                        • Hung-Up on Hang-Ups // Jordan Deal - Duration: 54 minutes.

                                          • 2 years ago
                                          This sermon is about how God uses people with Hang Up's to accomplish his dreams in the earth. www.thejordandeal.com
                                        • SkyBek - Channel

                                            Welcome to SkyBek channel!!!
                                            Life hacks, tricks and experiments with SkyBek.
                                            Subscribe to SkyBek channel.

                                            For commercial inquiries: skybekofficial@gmailcom
                                            • CHANNEL
                                          • Rochester Christian Church - Channel

                                            • 411 videos
                                            Welcome to Rochester Christian Church (Formerly Rochester First Assembly of God)! Here you will find a community of believers that gather to worship God in spirit and in truth and desire to grow in ou
                                            • CHANNEL
                                          • Rebecca Curiel - Channel

                                            • 7 videos
                                            Doing what I do.
                                            • CHANNEL
                                          • Bradford McClendon - Channel

                                            • 157 videos
                                            • CHANNEL
                                          • Ryan's World - Channel

                                              Welcome To Ryan's World!!! Ryan loves doing lots of fun things like pretend play, science experiments, music videos, skits, challenges, DIY arts and crafts and more!!!
                                              Most of the toys we used to rev
                                              • CHANNEL
                                            • icanrockyourworld - Channel

                                                This is the first channel that we, Gummybear International Inc., created on YouTube with the first "official" postings of the long versions of The Gummy Bear Song in various languages. A year later, w
                                                • CHANNEL
                                              • rockstar13studios - Channel

                                                  Hi there! The name's Mikey. Thanks for stopping by my channel.

                                                  Welcome to my portfolio of stop motions and other videos I created with my American Girl dolls from 2012-2019.

                                                  You can follow what I'm
                                                  • CHANNEL
                                                • Borders Recordings - Channel

                                                  • 1 video
                                                  • CHANNEL
                                                • Help Jordan Raise $6,000 in 30 Days for a New Live Record. - Duration: 3 minutes, 32 seconds.

                                                  • 3 years ago
                                                  Help Jordan Raise $6,000 in 30 Days for New Live Album. Help us spread the word!

                                                • "Perfection" // Jordan Deal - Duration: 1 hour, 21 minutes.

                                                  • 4 years ago
                                                  Message from Sunday 8/31/14 @ Ignited Church in Lakeland FL. www.thejordandeal.com
                                                • Relationship: The Real Power of Acts 2 // Jordan Deal - Duration: 1 hour, 2 minutes.

                                                  • 5 years ago
                                                  Could it be that real Relationship with one another is the launching point for all power? Let's dive into it and find out. www.thejordandeal.com
                                                • "Faith is a Person" // Jordan Deal - Duration: 54 minutes.

                                                  • 5 years ago
                                                  A message on "Faith" spoken @ Ignited Church on 12/3/14. www.thejordandeal.com
                                                • Love Is The Bond of Perfection // Jordan Deal - Duration: 1 hour, 5 minutes.

                                                  • 5 years ago
                                                  A teaching expounding what Jesus really meant in Matthew 5:48. www.thejordandeal.com
                                                • "Family Honor" // Jordan & Steve Deal - Duration: 57 minutes.

                                                  • 5 years ago
                                                  Full teaching from 6/18/14 @ Ignited Church. "Family Honor" - Jordan Deal & Steve Deal www.thejordandeal.com
                                                • "Boasting in Weakness" // Jordan Deal - Duration: 50 minutes.

                                                  • 5 years ago
                                                  The full teaching from 12/18/13 @ Ignited Church. "Boasting in Weakness" - Jordan Deal www.thejordandeal.com
                                                • "Covering One Another" // Jordan Deal - Duration: 1 hour, 3 minutes.

                                                  • 5 years ago
                                                  Full teaching from 4/23/14 @ Ignited Church. "Covering One Another" www.thejordandeal.com
                                                • "Living in the Spirit is for Friends" // Jordan Deal - Duration: 1 hour, 4 minutes.

                                                  • 5 years ago
                                                  The full teaching from 1/22/14 @ Ignited Church. "Living in the Spirit is for Friends" - Jordan Deal www.thejordandeal.com
                                                • The "Beautiful Questions" Story - Jordan Deal - Duration: 6 minutes, 48 seconds.

                                                  • 6 years ago
                                                  The story behind "Beautiful Questions." Release date is July 12th, 2013.
                                                • "Perfected by Love" // Jordan Deal - Duration: 12 minutes, 52 seconds.

                                                  • 6 years ago
                                                  "Therefore be Perfect as your Father in heaven is Perfect." Can this be obtained? Yes... It can.
                                                • "Faith is the Doorway to Holiness" // Jordan Deal - Duration: 7 minutes, 13 seconds.

                                                  • 6 years ago
                                                  Faith is our access to everything that is in Heaven. This includes our righteousness! Faith is our doorway to holiness.
                                                • "Performance vs. Perfection" // Jordan Deal - Duration: 8 minutes, 7 seconds.

                                                  • 6 years ago
                                                  Performance mode isn't for family. God, our Father, is family.
                                                • Jordan Deal - Never Ending Glory - Duration: 14 minutes, 45 seconds.

                                                  • 8 years ago
                                                  I wrote this song in March 2011. It was about 2AM and the Lord told me to write a song purely about him. So this is what came out. I hope you will see a glimpse of what the Lord showed me while wri...
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