• PreSonus Audiobox USB Clipping Problem Mod/Fix

    2,268 views 2 years ago
    PreSonus Audiobox USB mod for -30dB attenuator instead 0dB minimum on the trim.

    This is for the mics:

    Remove the (4) 47uF capacitors. Make the leads on all the + sides longer.
    Solder (2) 150 ohm resisters between the leads of (2) sets of 680 ohm resisters. One set for each channel like in the video. What's shown is for one channel and there are 2 capacitors for the + and - of the balanced signal.
    The ends with the 150s on them go where the - sides of the capacitors were, per channel.
    Then the + sides of the caps with longer leads go back where they were, but the - sides go to the tops of the resistors sets for each channel.

    Fixes the `hot` mic preamps so they don't clip when set to minimum. The max goes to 60, but it's rated at 35dB of gain???

    The Audiobox also runs stand alone from a 2 wire 5 volt USB power supply or charger as just a preamp. So, next to add...umm probably 2 9v or rechargeable camera batteries and a regulator for a 2 mic kick drum preamp.

    The recorded kick is a dynamic in the port and a condenser on the bottom middle of the reso head. Show less
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