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    On May 13th 2011 I realized that I had to obtain Rita's Complete Medical Records from AGH for her two admissions 1-13-2011 until 1-15-2011 and 2-01-2011 until 4-09-2011, when AGH shipped Rita off to the Greenery Specialty Care Center, Canonsburg, so AGH cannot be held accountable for Terror.
    So at AGH Medical Records, I asked a girl named Debbie for the Complete Medical Records, which she started to print out...So after many pages, one after the other, the machine suddenly stopped printing for many many minutes, occasionally printing a page or two at a time.

    What I later learned should have been a couple thousand pages of records, ended up being a couple hundred pages, but she gave them to me for free, so I thanked her profusely and left.

    The missing records contained, inter alia, the Respiratory Report, thus hiding some of the proof AGH was committing the slowest possible terrorist murder...

    Records will show that, since the very first day Rita was admitted, she was forced to violently buck the ventilator (as per her entire body) for each and every one of the 3-4 million forced hyperventilative breaths that she was forced to take from a ventilator she never even needed...

    How could this Happen?

    Well Rita was intubated in the ambulance en route to the hospital, even though, after Rita passed out due to her untreated gradual fluid-in-the-lungs, she had never stopped breathing, but continuously breathed at a very low rate (when the body passes out, due to a lack of oxygen, it is a good thing, not a bad thing, because the body then requires FAR LESS OXYGEN to sustain life).

    So Rita was breathing very slowly because she needed very little oxygen to function...

    So, at the AGH ER, when Dr Hazel Bigdeli "resussitated" her, Rita immediately "woke up", and was doing great...

    Then they hooked her intubation up to a ventilator rich in oxygen, and all of a sudden Rita "goes bad", and starts bucking the ventilator, because they are forcing oxygen into Rita's lungs that she does not need, causing her to hiccup with every single breath (you see, at this time, the doctors are acting under the mistaken assumption that Rita is undergoing "septic shock", mistake later verified when Hazel states there was NO septic shock).

    In response to this violent bucking, they started Rita on massive IV of Propofol due to the pain of bucking her entire body with every breath, not even counting the extreme pain of being hyperventilated with every single FORCED breath ( as per a strong wind in your face)...

    AGH tried to get me to "pull the plug" several times (in order to use the "morphine overdose" scam to get her organs), by disconnecting the ventilator tube with the pure oxygen, to show Rita could not "tolerate" breathing on her own for more than 2-3 minutes...Keep in mind that she had NEVER yet been treated with a dose of Lasix per the extreme Fluid-in-the-lungs that she had already been diagnosed with, and so when they removed the oxygen, she went from being hyperventilated (per the hiccups) to being starved for oxygen when the oxygen was removed, because of the PE.

    When AGH saw I wasn't going for the morphine scam, they had to trach her, which presented the problem of hiding the fluid-in-the-lungs scam from the trach surgeon.

    So instead of just giving Rita the Lasix she ONLY required in the first place, AGH had me sign waivers to do a bronchoscopy to "find out what was down there", Dr. Sandeep S Rana explaining to me this was a dangerous procedure and that she could die, which of course would solve their problem.

    Upon my enquiring as to this, they thought better of it and gave Rita the Lasix on 2-14-2011, where upon she "woke up" and started crying profusely and trying to tell us something past the tubes going down her throat into her lungs and stomach.

    Two days later they trach her, after which she somehow manages to scream "NO" many times past the trach cuff (which bypasses the vocal cords).

    So now AGH's problem is how to keep her from screaming for help and ripping the trach tube out of her neck to run out of the hospital...

    ANSWER: Rita is forced into submission through HYPERVENTLATION, which has the exact same effect on the brain as not providing enough oxygen to the body as by not treating the fluid-in-the-lungs.

    Keep in mind that AGH is no longer treating Rita for her fluid-in-the-lungs, because that Lasix dose was given only to get over on the trach surgeon.

    Therefore Rita would always do GREAT during the CPAPs, when she was allowed more and more to breathe on her own (as she never needed the trach/vent in the first place)...

    And then she would always "fail" at the end, as they would give Rita another EEG, under some false pretext, only so they could use paralytics injected to "control" the "myoclonic jerking", which NEVER worked, as jerks were hiccups.

    Paralytics caused atrial fibrillation, causing fluid-in-the-lungs, & her "going bad". Show less
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