• Super Meat Boy - Impossible Boy - Iron Man run (720p)

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    EDIT: Thx Team Meat for news about this vid! To all people: BUY THIS AWESOME GAME! :D It's hard, you're gonna cry trying to beat it, but it's so damn fun to play! :)

    About vid: First ever 'real' Iron Man run from dark Cotton Alley. No 'back to map' trick used, levels order 1 - 20, enjoy :)

    And about steam popup, or lack of it - I've achieved Impossible Boy about month ago, but with wrong levels order (6-20, 1-5) and without fraps. So I decided to give Iron Man run a try, and here it is :)

    EDIT: weird whirly sound at about 3:20 is 'incomming message' sound from polish communicator called gadu-gadu, which I forgot to turn off before recording the run :)

    Ah one more thing - I used keyboard, pad is too expensive ;)

    Song used in the beginning: 300 OST - Returns a King

    Song playing during run: Super Meat Boy: McLarty Party People

    EDIT2: Few more words for people who don't know what these all no-death achievements are about:

    1) You get the achievement for completing the whole chapter without dying once

    2) The levels order in the run is up to you, you can choose the hardest levels and run through them first, then complete the rest. In this run I run in the 1 - 20 order

    3) You can use all (unlocked and hidden) characters EXCLUDING Meat Ninja and Mr. Minecraft (in Coton Alley you don't have the choice - you must play as Bandage Girl)

    4) If you're about to die you can quickly press ESC, get back to map and restart level (looks like cheat, well, it kinda is :P) - I don't use it Show less
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