• Jamie gets baking, inspired by you guys... and it's worth sticking around until the end of this one! ;)

    Chocolate Cookie Cupcakes - Duration: 4:51.

    • 19 hours ago
    Barry sets Jamie a challenge this week to recreate the most recently uploaded recipe to SORTEDfood... Turns out to be a Chocolate Cookie Cupcake by InevitebleSprigOfMint!

    You might also want to ha...
  • Hot Cross Buns with a twist?? Yes please!!!

    Easter Hot Cross Bun-nies Recipe - SORTED (Spon) - Duration: 6:38.

    • 2 days ago
    This Easter, Tesco asked us to come up with something fun and creative to bake at home. Our homemade Tear 'n' Share Hot Cross Bun Wheel with cinnamon butter is perfect... but why not go the extra m...
  • 150 Food Challenges - Duration: 10:44.

    • 3 weeks ago
    We made it and you persevered through them all... Congrats! Our longest running series ever... 150 episodes without ever missing a Sunday slot!

    And to celebrate... we asked a few FridgeCam questio...
  • Chocolate Rain | Let's Talk Chocolate Pt.2 - Duration: 9:01.

    • 11 months ago
    Thanks to your suggestions we're continuing our journey in search of CHOCOLATE heaven!

    In this second episode we seek out a chocolate truffle stout at a brewery near Dublin, travel down to Cork a...
  • If you can make it through Barry's terrible puns, this is actually a brilliant recipe. Try it this week!

    Crab Patties Recipe - SORTEDFood - Duration: 4:45.

    • 5 days ago
    This fancy fishcake is crammed full of both crab and prawn and is not only simple, but impressive too! Hopefully Sponge Bob would approve!!

    What do you think? Reckon it could be good enough to mak...
  • NEW VIDEO! Chocolate, Banana and Fudge Muffins you can give (or be given) as a present!!

    Chocolate, Banana & Fudge Muffins... In A Jar! - Duration: 2:21.

    • 1 week ago
    Everyone loves a present... Everyone loves a muffin... What happens if you combine them? You get these amazing Muffins in a Jar!

    This jar contains all the ingredients you need to tip into a bowl a...
  • Here's a tasty one for you...

    Eating Testicle and Çemen - Duration: 6:44.

    • 1 week ago
    This week Barry and Ben explore foods that they've never tried before. From savoury bits, to sweet things and a even the odd testicle (not for the squeamish)!

    Also this week:-
    Scallop Fish Pie | B...
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