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Mob Mentality Crowd-Driven Open Source Web Series Play

As characters and plots intersect, a story about people adapting to the modern world emerges. Part comedy, part action, and part drama, Mob Mentality is the world's first crowd-driven web series. It is being created by an open collaboration of artists from all over the world, and you, the audience, are invited to participate. Visit

Jathia's Wager Open Source Science Fiction Series Play

Jathias Wager is a science fiction series about a young man living in an isolated community of humans who must make a life changing decision about his future species. Just as open-source software is a collaboration of programmers creating free code, this film was created by a collaboration of movie enthusiasts, and it is being distributed for free online. The audience is encouraged to participate in future derivative works, and the original source materials are made available for that purpose.
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