• once again youtube can't leave well enough alone and makes this site even less user friendly with more 'improvements'

  • youtube supports LBGT yet they remove my non-nude videos of busty women wearing bras. Typical liberal logic!

  • John Tartgalia - Only In My Dreams - Duration: 4 minutes, 41 seconds.

    • 8 years ago
    John Tartaglia (Avenue Q) and his non-sprite friends perform the '80s pop hit "Only In My Dreams" (originally by Debbie Gibson) complete with bubbles and their own video sequence at Joe's Pub, New ...
  • is getting a little tired of these fucking commercials, especially those with no Skip option!

  • HATE the new shitty youtube layout? In your URL box write www.youtube/home

  • thanks YT for once again for making things worse

  • guaranteed laffs

    Doctor Who - Jizz In My Pants - Duration: 2 minutes, 32 seconds.

    • 6 years ago
    When you get your wisdom teeth taken out you have a lot of free time to sit around and make stupid things like this... the "and the angels cry" line convinced me that it was a good idea, lol. So an...
  • why do people leave the TV on when making home videos? It's very distracting

  • today decided to scroll through my list of subscribers. Evidently most of them are removed accounts! So instead of a few less than 700 I don't even have 300. You'd think once someones youtube account was gone there would be no evidence of them ever having been here but I suppose that technology doesn't exist yet. I WANT MY MONEY BACK!!

  • write whatever insults you want on my channel cuz I don't give a shit

  • the pupil - Duration: 4 minutes, 8 seconds.

    • 7 years ago
    from the movie Fantasm. No I don't have it.
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