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Scottish Ninjas

Scottish Ninjas 1980's VHS Saturday Morning Cartoons Promo! (Funny Violent Cartoon!)

2,803 views 10 months ago
Grab your favorite bowl of cereal and don't bother changing out of your favorite PJ's because Scottish Ninjas has moved to Saturday mornings! Start your weekend morning right with a healthy dose of Booze, Balls and Blood as the Scottish Ninjas hack and slash their way through the ultra violent, comedy carnage of Kilt-fu mayhem!

Watch Season 1 in it's entirety:

Watch the Scottish Ninjas short "Life After Death?":

Watch the Scottish Ninjas short "ER Visit": Show less
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Season 2 Play

The Scottish Ninjas are back for more booze, balls and blood in season 2!

Season 1 Play

Every chapter back to back for Scottish Ninjas season 1, "Welcome To America".

Whisky Dojo Saturday Afternoon Hangouts! Play

Conversations with the creators of Scottish Ninjas!
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