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    Messier is a concept EP that goes beneath the surface of what is seen by the telescope. It revolves around 6 different nebulae, each with a distinct story and personality. These specific nebulae were chosen based on their resemblance to earthly things, such as eyes, flowers and animals. Messier is really about the connection between what is here on earth and what is beyond us. Instead of each nebulae being seen as a giant ball of gas, they are seen as living things that we can relate to.

    The EP was named after the french astronomer, Charles Messier, who was most known for creating the "Messier Objects" list. This list consists of 110 nebulae and is used to help distinguish between permanent and transient objects in the sky. His reason for creating this list was because he was a comet hunter, and found it very frustrating to find objects in the sky that resembled comets, but were not at all. He created this list to avoid confusion between nebulae and comets when observing the night sky.

    Messier was recorded in the basement of a house that Matthew Janzen and I (Scott Currie) were house sitting at in July of 2011. The whole recording area was set up right by where we were bunking, so we could work long into the night. Throughout the weeks that we lived there, much of our time was spent writing, recording, mixing and watching retro cartoons. The entire EP took approximately 3 weeks to complete. Using only two Microphones, and several guitars, we were able to capture how I wanted the album to feel; a warm earthy tone coupled with a distant astronomical voice.

    I feel like Messier is a step further into something new for me in my music. I really hope that you enjoy listening to it as much as I did making it. If you have any questions about the album or any of the songs, please feel free to ask me. Thank you very much for your support, and I hope to continue making albums for you in the future. Please enjoy: Messier.
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