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  • Smoking Crayfish & Gay Marriage: Songify the News #9

    183,860 views 4 days ago
    Citizens rejoice when a congressman eats a gummy bear and has a trippy vision of the future, a rainbow-colored White House.

    Watch his amazing videos.

    snapchat - songifythis

    Produced with Codeine Boy-
    & with Michael Onufrak:
    Music Assistant - Alexander Tso:
    Trombone Expert - Big Sam

    Congressional debate:


    Obama and his heckler:

    Megyn Kelly & Mike Huckabee:

    Marijuana’s in baked goods, gummy bears, for heaven’s sakes
    It’s in the lining of my Fruit of the Looms
    What happens in one state affects the other states
    Colorado, he’s looking at you

    Leave my sovereign state of Colorado alone
    Let our people smoke
    That’s all I ask
    Colorado wants to blaze
    Is that too much to grasp?

    I don't want their darn fried crayfish
    I don't want it (echoes)
    What if it's fried?
    Might clog your arteries, you might die. No lie!
    Maybe smoking crayfish ain't good for you
    I don't want it (echoes)
    Leave Colorado alone
    Marijuana use is down since legalizatione

    The problems are much worse with marijuana
    Too many people reaching nirvana
    Want me to ban fried crayfish in Louisiana?
    Is shrimp illegal? Thanks, Obama!
    (repeat chorus)

    I'm really rich (he's rich)
    I've done an amazing job
    I have so many websites all over the place
    I'd be the greatest President that God ever creates

    We have losers, we have losers
    We have people that don't have it (schmucks)
    How stupid are our leaders?
    How stupid are they?
    When Mexico sends its people
    They're not sending their best
    They're sending their rapists (sending their what?)
    Sending their rapists

    I wanna thank all of you
    Can you confirm Half Life 3?
    No no no no no no no no
    Na na na na Batman!
    No Please No Half No Life No 3
    Senpai, notice meeee!!
    Listen, you're in my house
    It's not respectful when you get invited to my house
    I'm just asking for transparency (oof)
    But not when I'm up in the house, know what I'm saying?

    Tonight a remarkable sight at the White House
    A new chapter in civil rights at the White House
    Which is aglow in colors of the rainbow
    America was a different country 11 hours ago

    How do we accept this?
    How do you not?
    The laws of nature, the laws of God
    They get the final say
    They've interpreted it this way
    For gays and lesbians today Show less
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