• Salems Lott - Enigma (UNCUT Video) DESTROY 'EQUALITY'

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    Heavy Metal band Salems Lott's official music video for 'Enigma' from the record Mask Of Morality Part I - Out Now. Get it at: http://smarturl.it/325j2w

    Directed by Ian Moore
    Produced by UWOWI - http://www.uwowi.com/

    iTunes: http://smarturl.it/325j2w
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sa...
    Instagram: https://instagram.com/salem...
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    Store: http://salemslott.com/shop
    Site: http://salemslott.com/

    Chapter I: https://www.youtube.com/wat......
    Chapter II: https://www.youtube.com/wat......

    Salems Lott:
    Shock-rock group SALEMS LOTT recently released their new album, Mask of Morality (Part 1). The album illustrates themes of individualism while challenging modern social values, morality and equality. Salems Lott combines a unique blend of heavy metal, visual kei, classical, goth, shock rock, punk and glam. For fans of: Visual Kei bands 2017, Hard rock bands, Heavy metal bands, Speed metal bands, Glam metal bands and Power metal bands.

    The Story of Enigma:
    Freedom of speech is the mechanism in which a healthy society remains balanced and not swayed by either extreme. In the video, we see the signs of an unbalanced extreme being pushed forward through violent suppression of free speech. This is something we are seeing today more commonly (protesters, sjws, antifa, post-modernist academics and art/entertainment) and would ultimately lead to a Marxist 'utopian' future as the one depicted in the anime. Hence the title "Enigma" (other than censorship reasons): The nature of an ideology that is deeply damaging/authoritative but masquerades under the innocent good intentioned guise of compassion (while any opposing view is vilified), which makes it so mysterious, ambiguous and hard to identify as the problem. The shadowy figure silencing individuals through force and its extended intimidation. Post-modernism, marxism and equality's violent authoritarianism VS the re-balance of order and freedom of speech.
    If you like the Best of goth music, heavy metal music, visual kei music, hard rock music, you will love this one!
    See what other bands have not been able to do. For fans of: Babymetal, Motionless In White, Black Veil Brides, Mejibray, X Japan, Slipknot, Dir En Grey, Versailles, Motley Crue, Dragonforce.
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    Time has veiled slowly
    disillusion again
    resent(ment) still cuts like a knife

    Moral revolution
    left you high and dry
    Won't you read between the lines

    Dancing with devils
    created to level
    you got your head start
    so you can play your part

    Tell me who's to blame when the victim's lying
    idolize the weak with their conscious(ness) dying
    Fail but never fold
    painting your shame in new light


    Light turns into shade
    the faceless are bleeding again
    a ravaged state by false desire

    Empty eyes, painted semblance
    A fractured creed woven by silence
    tongues tied building hatred
    (so easily offended pull the trigger feign resentment)

    Your pity means nothing
    when willing for something
    enforcing repression
    with passive aggression

    Power is to blame say the tearful lying
    stab you in the back with a grin denying
    pretense in the offense
    intending and aiming to please

    It's time you hear it
    You fight to fear it
    But now it's you
    Like a vice you won't let go!

    It's time you hear it
    You fight to fear it
    But now it's you

    (Take it!)
    I can't hear you
    I can't fear you
    I can't see you
    I can't free you
    Like a vice you won't let go! Show less
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