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Sabreen Syeed

Gog and Magog - Introduction

1,064 views 6 months ago
I have spent years thinking why the world is in the state that it is in?
Why is there crippling poverty in the world?
Why is there moral decadence all over the world?
Injustice, Oppression, Ruthless dictators, lies, propaganda, chaos, sectarian strifes, discrimination against women, racism, aparthied, economic slavery, debt based economy robbing wealth of poor nations.
These are just a few issues affecting us and disturbing the minds of all sensible people.
I would wonder, how come Allah Most High didn't warn us of a time that the Muslim Ummah would be at such a low, the likes of which it has never experienced.
Who are these people who have so much power in the world today?
They make a decision to bomb a muslim country, no one can stand up against them to stop them. As if they are invincible.
I would wonder, Islam is the truth, then it should be believers who should have authority in the world.But the opposite of that is happening. Believers are persecuted, marginalised, threatened for holding on to Islam.
I would think why didn't the Messenger (saw) warn us about these people who would come from the West, who would first colonise our lands and when they would trick us by"decolonising" , they would install their own version of a secular nation state, a secular economic model and above all a secular way of life into which the whole humanity has been sucked into whether they like it or they don't.
Some scholars would call the west (Europe and US) what was known in the time of the Messenger (saw) as "Rum" (Roman Byzantium).
But that also didn't sit very well with me because the Messenger (saw) never told us that the believers would anytime become absolute slaves of "Rum".
If you know anything about the IMF and the World Bank and in what devious ways they work, enslaving the entire world, you would know that the Ummah has become a slave of the Western Banking Cartels.
For years I would think about this. Never getting a substantial answer from an aalim. Much of what the Ulema would say would either be deficient in their understanding of the political and economic anarchy in the world. And if they would understand the situation in the world, the most they would say would be "This is the Last Age, these are fitan, the believers will have to face the fitan and then eventually the Khilafa will be established. Again devoid of substance !!
Still many questions lurking in a young mind that wants to see peace and harmony everywhere. Every human being regardless of their ethnic background, colour, creed, religion has a fundamental right to equality but all I saw was a group of nations in the West bullying the rest of the world to accept certain bizzare norms if they want to enter the so called "Civilised World".
So, after many years of wrecking my brain on this and thinking and studying, why didn't the Messenger (saw) leave us some indication on this amongst the Signs of the Last Age. I mean, my beloved Messenger (saw) even told us the most trivial signs of the Last Age like the talking shoe, talking whip, people driving mayathir (cars) etc, women dressed yet naked. So why wouldn't he inform us about the advent of a Civilization from the West just like the Rising of the Sun, that would dazzle the world with its scientific, industrial feats but at the same time corrupt the world with blasphemous concepts like soveriegnty belongs to the UN not the Lord who created everything, that something as worthless as paper is money, that it is ok for a man to have sex with a man, when even animals don't do such "unnatural and bizzare vulgar acts". The use of the notion of Freedom of Speech to corrupt our youth with the Pornography Industry which is a Billion dollar industry now. All of these concepts were unknown to the world some hundred years back. And amazingly, if you pay attention, every type of filth is coming from one direction and one direction only- WEST.
Even terrorism??
Yes they manufacture them also !
And finally after a very long quest, my question was answered.
Who are these people who rule the world today with unjust and oppressive power the likes of which the world has never seen?
None other than Yajooj and Majooj.

Ofcourse, my Lord didn't leave us without guidance in these difficult times.
Ofcourse, my beloved Messenger (saw) did convey the Message with perfection informing us that the world would witness a race of people who would take over the world, just like Zulqarnain, once ruled, they would rule. But they would do so by evil means.
So I ask you to help me in my research on this most important subject.
May Allah Azawajal accept this from me and forgive me for all the mistakes that I may make. I ask Him for His guidance and His Noor, as this is a tedious task ahead of me.

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