Ron Joe

  • DB90X (XXXTREME) - Duration: 2 minutes, 53 seconds.

    • 8 months ago
    M.D. Chad Heath whips up and drops a load of his world famous douche-filled program on the people! FREE your inner "douche" in just 90 days (NO GUARANTEES)!! Follow along REAL testimonials and la...
  • The Ron and Joe Show: S2 Episode 4 - Tired - Duration: 6 minutes, 58 seconds.

    • 1 year ago
    ~ Green colored salads and worn Starting Lineup ~ Bat/Joe's moronic and Bill's darting closeups ~ Computerized games and microphone pings ~ These are a few of Ron's most hated things ~
    How much lon...
  • The Ron and Joe Show: S2 Episode 666 - Samhain Special - Duration: 8 minutes, 57 seconds.

    • 1 year ago
    It's An American All Hallows' Eve in Studio 8! Funsters Ron & Joe roast the annual tradition, and things heat up when The Molten Manster himself slams the door on their proscribed candy parade--DA...
  • The Ron and Joe Show: S2 Episode 2 - JUGGZ vs. BUNNZ - Duration: 7 minutes, 5 seconds.

    • 1 year ago
    This one's for the boys. Ron and Joe discuss life's greatest debate: Butts or boobs? Simon says grab your holy water, go Commando and let's all do the time warp--again!? Starring "JUGGS" the mag...
  • Season 2!

    In 2 Weeks!!


  • The Ron and Joe Show: Episode 14 - "R" Is For Retrospective - Duration: 9 minutes, 52 seconds.

    • 2 years ago
    All good things must come to a, boil. Oh wait--END. Take Phil's life for instance...Ron and Joe conclude right back where they started: with THE SHOW. Probably. Ambiguous fan art from "Anonymous...
  • The Ron and Joe Show: Episode 10 - Hair Metal - Duration: 6 minutes, 28 seconds.

    • 2 years ago
    R&J Crüe just keeps on rockin'--even through contemporary music's lack of glam! Joe, however, does go AWOL after about a pound of blow and a deadly gender oversight. With *Special Performance* by...
  • The Ron and Joe Show: Episode 12 - Save Me - Duration: 4 minutes, 40 seconds.

    • 2 years ago
    Phil embraces his-or-her laziness and circulates a musical communiqué to a secret crush. Meanwhile, Ron is DEFINITELY not invited to any birthday party soon. Blatant email from...gah. "PHIL."
  • The Ron and Joe Show: Episode 13 - Bath Salts - Duration: 6 minutes, 36 seconds.

    • 2 years ago
    ~NOT FOR THE FAINT OF HEART~ A spine-tingling episode! Joe thirsts for McDonald's while Ron goes snout first into some bath salts! Can Joe bring to light Ron's appetite before all havoc is wroug...
  • After a stinky brief hiatus, the rubble has been cleared and the debris lifted: What remains are a gaggle of episodes, in unspecific order, coming back to a computer near you every Friday!

  • Ron & Joe are taking a slight break to clean up from the cave-in and finish up the 2nd half of Season 1. We THANK YOU for watching the 1st half, and guarantee it only gets better from here. PLEASE STAND BY.

  • Are you wanting MOAR of Captain Ron & The Master of Reality???

    Fret not--NEW EPISODES of The Ron and Joe Show posted every Friday!!!

  • The Ron and Joe Show: Episode 3 - Ghosts - Duration: 4 minutes, 9 seconds.

    • 2 years ago
    Ron and Joe discuss "somethin' witchy" with email from "ROXY." Joe discovers an arcane surprise in his drink...
  • The Ron and Joe Show: Episode 2 - Whitney Houston Is Dead - Duration: 3 minutes, 42 seconds.

    • 2 years ago
    Ron and Joe discuss Whitney Houston's improbable return to this plane with email from "Billy Corgan." Including surprise guest appearance by...
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