• Интервью с Эделис - Август 2014 [Official Video]

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    С автором проекта Эделис, Владимиром, я познакомился в 2007 году. Наша дружба началась с небольшого электронного письма в котором Владимир попросил послушать несколько его композиций и то, что я услышал очень сильно впечатлило меня. С тех пор мы тесно сотрудничаем в записи, издании альбомов, да и просто по-человечески дружим.

    Развиваясь, Эделис с каждым годом все больше объединяет слушателей по всему Миру и это не удивительно, ведь музыкальная энергия создаваемая им способна вдохновлять, очищать и заряжать людей позитивным, романтичным или магическим настроением. Мне очень хотелось лично встретиться с Владимиром и почувствовать его окружающий Мир, а главное передать это ощущение слушателям нашего лейбла.

    Интервью с композитором и продюсером проектов Эделис и Аштерра, Владимиром Володиным.

    Запись: Август 2014 года
    Место: Саратовская область

    Были использованы следующие композиции:
    Under the veil of Dreams [Album «Ether», EPK 2014 ver.]
    Underwater Space [Album «Logos», EPK 2014 ver.] Show less
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    When the night falls and the stars light up in the sky, I hear the music named Ashterra.

    The sounding of this word reproduces ideally the mystique soul of the project capable of carrying along. Decorated with elaborate arrangement of various musical instruments, the atmospheric sounds make up music which, step by step, lead the listener to a road of the secrets of the universe gradually expanding one's consciousness so that the journey can last forever as there is no limit to perfection.

    Our life is an infinite number of relations and interactions. Having learnt how to notice and understand these relations we open new horizons of perception, and this is where Ashterra music can help us. With its magic Ashterra shrouds your feelings in such a way that in a certain period you start feeling the answer to your question, and from this point all is in your hands, you only need to make a push for unraveling a mystery.

    Touch Ashterra and share it with the others!

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    The musical project «Rhythm of Mankind & Nature» was founded in 2000. Its purpose was creating the mood music able to heighten the listener's perception of the surrounding World. Composed as based on electronic sounding, the music is harmoniously supplemented by live instruments and vocal, creating both melancholic, warm, gentle pieces causing delight, the feeling of flight, cosiness and comfort and depressive melodies able to remind one of complicatedlife problems.

    "After "Free Diving" album I understood, that I began to exceed the limits of the "Rhythm of Mankind & Nature". I didn't want to limit my music and decided to close "ROM&N", as always saying that "There will be other projects and they'll be better!" Of course, I doubted. It is very difficult to let go the project of ten years of my life. "ROM&N" is my child, but after thinking it over, I came to the conclusion that it is inevitable." -- Roman says.

    On 25 May, 2010, Roman registered a domain name etherealpilgrim.com, opened his site and he began to work with renewed enthusiasm at the same time on two albums: "I'm looking for my Planet" and "Free Diving (Philosophic ver.)". These albums belong to a project named "Ethereal Pilgrim" and their releases will come up in 2012.
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    Edelis videos created by fans.
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