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  • Rocky509 replied to a comment from BarzOnTheWindow1

    I'm an english man, you use our language, the internet invented by an english man and TV invented by a British man. I am self aware, self aware that your people have given nothing to benefit the earth. Everything good has come out of Britain or America and you should show gratitude instead of bombing us and butchering our soldiers in the street. Didnt you ever wonder how 25,000 men could hold back 40 million? bet you dont know what I'm referencing.

    HOW TO JOIN THE KNIGHTS TEMPLAR ORDER: Knights Templar Initiative

    Those of you who wish to join our order may find out in this very video. Dial this number to link with a recruiting Knight: +1 sure to have your selected code name ready. You will...
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  • Rocky509 replied to a comment from LAW_92

    I'm racist because you make me, you come over here, complain, moan and judge. The reason you come is because England is wealthy modern and safe then you condem the government and the army. Your the worst type of person, if you hate us leave. You wont leave though because Nigeria you would never survive, you would be begging for our democracy and civility then. You should be greatful for the sacrifices of the white man for you nigger

    Copyright Disclaimer under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair us...
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  • Everlast, Napoleon, Freeway, Fatal, Loon, Edi Mean, Eddie Mustafa, young noble, ghostface, waqas, kastro, Isam, preacher moss, mc ren these people arent famous or even great. Most of the people in the video were born into muslim families or have muslim origins.

    Islam is a cult ideology not a religion - RISE MEN OF THE WEST

    52 Great Famous People Who Converted To Islam [HD] مشاهير العالم الذين اسلموا

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  • Lol shes ripped all these facts of the internet and produced this video on the back of it lol, and its 1 million dollars not 1 million pounds and she forgot to close or connect with the audience eeeeek 1 out of 10 for effort

    Interesting Business Facts

    Dani Smith presents some interesting facts that you might not know about the peculiar world of business.

    Check out for a great resource for any entrepreneur.
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  • This is exactly why people need to vote UKIP

    Award Winning - House of Bread: Documentary (Latest Edit)

    A shortened and re-edited version of the original Award Winning HOB Documentary
  • What a load of rubbish, another talker with no substance. If you have a good business model and you market it right in the right mindset you will generate wealth. Why is there never no proof in the pudding. There are so many of these business coaches cashing in on peoples desperation

    Paul Avins speaking at the ultimate wealth summit Paul is going to be sharing his secrets at the Ultimate Wealth Summit in terms of marketing, business, and mindset.
  • That woman is not English, she might be British as British is a manufactured nationaility, English people are White and Pre-dominantly Christian. Although In England we are not aloud to call our selves english or even it England. You cant register a English Charity - Our Nationality is being erased by corrupt politicians, Mass Immigration and a complete lack of self respect. Until we stand up and say all cultures are not even and condem there for there anti human acts will we ever move forward

    Senator Avella "offended" at Muslim Parade NYC
    On a beautiful September Sunday afternoon, not far from the scene of the infamous Islamic jihad attack in lower Manhattan, Democrat New York State Senator Tony Avello came fac...
  • there was nothing racist in that and a lot of valid points.

  • Rocky509 replied to a comment from ohshit109

    Every Nation does not need immirants thats Leftist Bullshit, Britain was made great by it's native people, as for Minorities 6 million Muslims is not a minority and 10 million Negros is not a minority.

    Inbred you will find its asians who marry there cousins, and as for white people they invented the modern world you should be more greatful that your not dieing in a ditch. Your typing English, on the Internet made by an English Man watching a TV made in Britain . You immigrant cocksucker

    Can't Stay, Can't Go: Illegals left to struggle in UK poverty limbo

    • by RT
    • 2 years ago
    Illegal immigrants travelling to the UK in search of a better life are finding it may not be the land of plenty they'd hoped for. Some spend all their money to get there, before finding themselves ...
  • Your a Dick, Orton has a no competition clause in his contract, even if its terminated thats still in effect

    NoDQ&AV #150: Randy Orton joining TNA, John Cena financial problems, more

    Watch the Episode #150 bonus video at owner Aaron Rift continues his NoDQ&A series in video format! Please subscribe and spread the word about this channel!

  • Rocky509 replied to a comment from SeraphicBeauty000

    You mean you cant have a logical discussion because its an undisputed fact and you have to own up that your life is following a poisonous methology which is anti human and paedophilic mentally ill prophet.

    You live westernised lives and install these false hippocritcal values which you have never lived by. The WEST has given you everything yet you insault it, you ungrateful child

    Under Siege? Spain Resists Islamic 'Invasion' -

    The Koran instructs Muslims to conquer the whole world for Islam. It happened 1,300 years ago in Spain -- and some say it's happening again... The Christian Broadcasting Network CBN
  • I hate how they use the Guy Fawkes mask

    A New Year's Message From Anonymous

    A New Year's Message From Anonymous for our western and the arab world (العالم العربي)
  • Rocky509 replied to a comment from TAXEXEMPTION

    Thick American, in the script it refers to a great citizen meaning Guy Fawkes

    The mask is also based on Guy Fawkes, and most the script is ripped from the movie demening the message.... Really you thought you were intelligent

    Anonymous - Message to the American People

    Dear brothers and sisters. Now is the time to open your eyes!

    In a stunning move that has civil libertarians stuttering with disbelief, the U.S. Senate has just passed a bill that effectively e...
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