• Zaid Tabani - It Feels Like 1994(Official Music Video)

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    DOWNLOAD LINK: https://soundcloud.com/zaid......

    Produced by SCAREBEATZ from Anno Domini Nation
    So as some of you know, I like to go around and occasionally rap for random people on the street to try and promote my music/shows. I decided to do that for this music video. We went around SoCal rapped for a bunch of random people we saw. Everything you see here 100 percent people we don't know.

    I included everybody we met in there too. Everywhere from Newport Beach to Downtown Fullerton. If you like the vid, as always share! Maybe throw it to reddit ;) Subscribe for more music too! I'm releasing as much as I can yo! Let me know what ya'll think!!!

    I don't give a, fuck if you like me but i needed to say it,

    like yeah it feel like the 90's but i needed to play it,

    kinda feeling an echo so I need to delay it,

    who say you gotta be tripping through this shit to be famous,

    I always thought of myself as something close a painter,

    my teachers thought of my wealth as something close to a waiter,

    I never thought my health SHIT I just pulled up the fader,

    and I made the 100 percent decisions, that you saving for later,

    I'll hit the equator, my force is something bigger than vader,

    If I could charm Jenn lawrence then I probably date her,

    Don't know why these people all tryna pretend to be skaters,

    I was born on a joystick, I'll uppercut every vega,

    until I'm standing on my own, killing at my show,

    wearing a little gold, but spitting food for the soul,

    like i know, This what I like,

    and if you ain't on that real shit ya'll ain't really my type so,


    And I'm just looking for the love in here like la la la,

    Tryna do what's in my blood, my sweat my tears like uh uh uh,

    I been running my whole God damn life, for what I want,

    oh beloved, oh beloved, sing to me, ha ha ha


    Yah, That's that food for thought,

    wonder how many records verse the shoes you bought,

    I wonder how many seconds of the blues we lost,

    when we separated the sections of the schools we taught,

    ah, okay, this is thug music,

    everybody look at me like I'm a touch stupid,

    like the finer things in life and kinda less grouped in patches,

    of the ghettos of america, see all they hear is gang shootings,

    all they see is damn looters, I just keep band smoother,

    tryna spread the word that rap is more than what the damn news is,

    it's kinda funny they say Tupac wrong,

    and you ask em they say "I never heard a tupac song,"

    I'm scared, maybe I don't belong,

    walking home on my own, grown, think America home, I don't' know,

    I'm just tryna fight the fear in my chest, east to the west

    as I hear em whisper Sand Nigger under their breath,


    And I'm just out looking for the love in here like la la la,

    Tryna do what's in my blood my sweat my tears my uh uh uh,

    I been running my whole God Damn life, for what I want,

    Oh Beloved, Oh Beloved, sing to me


    So what you really feeling right now,

    tryna get this hype out,

    tryna pay the bills you can't afford inside the right house,

    tryna hit your loans so you can study then you wiped out,

    tryna get a phone so you can instagram your like wooooow,

    I remember they told me,

    it's not about what I sell, it's about what they sold me,

    Holy, shit, what I been doing for like six years,

    watching people plucked out of the houses that I live near,

    give em stardom, standing at a party drinking thick beer,

    networkin with extras who say everything I thinks weird,

    playing every song on that radio that you will hear,

    with same style, like copy paste, make you famous this year,

    Nah, I never follow you trends,

    my hashtags, are shit I'll never think of again,

    who been with me since the start of this, I call em my friends,

    if we talking what'll never happen, call it the end--- Show less
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