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Green Apple Painting

Girls bedroom Makeover Ideas How to Paint Chevrons

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This is a bedroom makeover. Learn how to paint chevrons. While this is for a girl bedroom this could also be used in a boys bedroom makeover simply by painting the walls a different color instead of pink.
To learn how to paint a room check out my video How to paint like a pro
Part 1

Part 2
Hey guys it's Ray from Green Apple
Painting and today we're gonna turn this
into you this room!
now the biggest change that we're gonna
do today
is obviously color and the big

you know wow factor is going to be the
on the walls below the chair rail so

I'm gonna get to that right now and
we'll get started
I'm starting out by putting my base coat
the walls below the chair rail and I'm
eventually I'm gonna re paint this baseboard so that's why I'm not taping that
Basecoat is dovetail which is a Sherwin Williams
color. Now that my base coat
is completely dry it's time to start the
now the way we're gonna space these out
is we're basically gonna go about 12

wide but the chevron stripes
are going to be six inches thick
simply tape off the
and as soon as I'm done that with that
out what I'm gonna do is I'm going to paint

is Dorian Gray that's a Sherwin Williams
color and I'm gonna paint that over this

and see how it looks! After the first
coat dries
check to see if it needs another coat
and if it doesn't go ahead
and pull the tape If it needs a second coat let
it dry
but when you pull the tape make sure
that the paint is still wet
generally are you don't want pull tape

after everything dries because
there's a better chance

of this you know kinda sticking to the
tape and then when pull you'll have a lot

Whenever you feel this is ready I'm
going to give this two coats but

when yours is our is ready to go make
sure you pull that tape while it's still wet

and then you are done with your chevron

with the chevrons complete it's time to
paint the

upper walls. If you'd like a complete

on how to paint walls click the link

alright so that's the finished product I
hope you liked it

I love it and it make sure you

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