• Adrug f. 3 Credits-Fists of Fury

    231 views 3 years ago
    The fifth track off of AD, ADRUG, ADDICTIVE: THE MIXTAPE
    Download the whole project http://adrug.bandcamp.com
    Featuring 3 Credits https://www.facebook.com/3C...
    Produced by Halo (Dj H2) https://soundcloud.com/halonyc



    (Verse 1: Adrug)

    See Food Im eating it there; handle beef early
    That it get past medium rare
    Kabob your mob, ya bitches is chicken Shawarma
    Live stocked like a farmer, Alpaca Llama
    D-O-Ent, we off the meat; blog, but talk is cheap
    Computer thugs forced to quit. Control. Alt. Delete.
    Aint hard, tweaking, you're higher than Cheech Marin
    Geek faggit ain't banging between tweeting and chatting
    My name stay ringing, fuck what your men say
    You're in the middle of the week; you're Wednesday
    While my skill level elevating, lyrical entertainment
    Flow like mom catching you pissing in the sink; Can't explain it
    Creating mayhem from dawn till dusk, back to the A.M.
    If I can't kick the door down Trey Credits gone' find a way in
    But u playing with drugs, that aint safe for your health
    Eminem in 8 Mile, Nigga, you playing yourself

    (Verse 2: 3 Credits)

    If you claim to be a boss, how much you make an hour
    Yo, you power tripping; I'll cut off your power
    Have a power outage trough your brains hall way
    Call me Credits a.k.a. All-Day
    Mr. always, believe in
    The right to bear arms; Matt Forte
    Acting like seasoned vets, there's only one problem
    (What's that?) We know ya'll ain't seasoned yet
    Like a crystal ball, that's crystal clear
    Acquire the skills; perspire to perceiver
    Capoeira style, only the strong surviving
    (If you sick and tired like I am then keep firing)
    Not trying to be the best, just better than you
    Better than dudes, maybe better than two
    And I'm talking bout the number, not the number of people
    Looking through the peep whole, it's something like a freak show
    Robotic moves really got me in the Matrix
    So I talk my shit till my words get wasted
    And everybody knows the game needs a facelift
    Matter fact, call me the Surgeon; I get the working

    ("Get the working" repeat 12x)

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