• Pedro Rafa Neves e Os Cordilheira - Lost - JazzB - 16/11/2017

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    Gravado no JazzB - São Paulo no dia 16/11/2017
    Captado por Eduardo Fregolente e Roberto Mamfrim
    Editado por Pedro Neves

    Apresentando os Cordilheira:
    Bateria - Gabriel Lima (Chinelo)
    Baixo - Jose Alejandro
    Guitarra - Gustavo Marson
    Teclado - Cesar Aranguibel
    Vocal - Pedro Rafa Neves

    When we are lost
    We haven’t found out
    That we’re really disconnected
    From what we really are

    When we are lost
    We haven’t found out
    That our heart is always rooting
    For our cause

    When we are lost
    We have forgotten why we are here
    We have forgotten that the only thing that kills is fear

    When we are lost
    We haven’t really found a cause
    A purpose for the heart to give in

    When we’re lost
    The only way is forwards
    So you can learn what really brought you down
    So you can learn what really brings you up
    And round and round
    And going
    Life is always circling
    Like a dream you can’t forget

    But when we’re lost
    But when we’re lost

    We must endure
    We must find a cure
    We must find ourselves in the middle of the ocean
    Of our own minds

    So when we are lost
    We really haven’t found a cause
    We must reach inside the deepest dreams
    Of our hearts

    So we can love
    Every second, every minute
    Everything that we agree or disagree from our lives
    They’re like a journey that doesn’t go back
    That doesn’t take you flying
    It’s not like candied flowers
    It’s all a cruel mess
    Because we’re lost
    Until the day we give up carrying a
    Useless cross

    And then we’re free
    And I can’t tell you much about it
    Because I’m still trying to find my own way

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