• R.I.P to those who were killed for nothing this day, 10 years ago. And may we respect these Americans and their families. I love this country. Period. United We stand, divided we fall.

  • but hell no! Sunday's morning isn't call it quit! It will resume soon!

  • My game isn't working again..I'll have to uninstall all of them and start all over..

  • It's up! Watch here! Sunday's mornng ep1 part 1

  • So i finished "Sunday's morning" episode 1..10 mins 44seconds..and when i was about to save..WMM hanged! So i need to re-do it all again!..UGH!

  • finished film episode 1 of Sunday's morning. Now EDIT! :(

  • So I'm creating new community call "Kellytown" and I already have some characters created and then i need to make some mall, yard,crack house, high school and blah blah blah. It will take a long time to actually get to film.

  • first time in a year, try out to film and it works!!! I'm writing script for my upcoming sims series <3 yay!

  • Okay okay, I finally figured it out how to film with a good quality. Installing University ,Night life,Seasons and Bon Voyage right now:) Expect to make a sims series soon! Thanks to theSims2er <3

  • someone i really like blocked me :(

  • I'm back <3

  • My bg = Tyler Johnson (: He's on RyanatorSims's cycle 1! Support him!

  • Realizing ..my last video is most popular in Bulgaria , Sweden and Cambodia :D Thank you so much <3

  • So ..people who had joined FavSims ..please send your shot! ASAP!

  • New girl on bg : Sylvhia :) I took 30 mins to make her!

  • Anyone could take a photoshoot for me for my sntm cycle 2? :) I'll be so grateful...

  • Somebody unsub me?? :(

  • wanna chat?

  • does anyone know where to download survivor China , Thailand and Africa's theme song ??

  • everybody , merry early Christmas :) It starts to snow now !

  • I had been finished an application video for f's survivor. Should i upload it today ? =]

  • okay guys :) i changed my e-mail+msn. Since i got hacked to : erin_kisskiss@hotmail.com . K? :D

  • OMFG!

  • wanna chat ?

  • if anyone cannot watch episode 6 , please tell me

  • so i decided to send ______ home =) I'll edit tomorrow ! but for today i'm off now (:

  • okay , so there's 7 girls left in M&CNTM...and to be honest i don't know who to sent packing..they're all hand-in an amazing picture..ugh >:(

  • finish episode 5....

  • partout où vous êtes.... je serai avec vous. la distance n'est pas imprtant que notre coeur.. >_<

  • I am back :)

  • Canaan is taking my youtube over Meghan.

  • WTF.....?????

  • hey..im not going to online tomorrow and next week..see ya..

  • My Gosh ! At episode 5...Ann doesn't deserved that !

  • Sorry guys ! But I'm totally done with my SNTM ! Quality+Game+Personal problem ! I'm going to put the result video later ! Sorry for everyone who has been applied :( but PLEASE PLEASE don't unsub ! There will be something more than SNTM //FNTM ! (:

  • want to continue SNTM ,but quality doesn't work ! :(

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