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  • Passion4Profession - Trailer Version

    451,271 views 1 year ago
    Did you know that 20 million fitness enthusiasts train each month using YouTube videos containing P4P logo?

    Did you know that every day over 1 million athletes train wherever they want, in the gym or at the park, using apps containing P4P logo?

    Quality is something you can count on.

    Come find out why millions of athletes count on the quality of Passion4Profession. Show less
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  • Best Abs Exercises Play

    Abs Exercises: the most effective exercises to train your abs are illustrated in detailed 3D videos. All abdominal exercises include various visual angles to simplify the correct execution of the movement.
    • Six pack abs: Side plank with crossed legs - Duration: 86 seconds.

      • 5 months ago
      Play Store:
      This exercise is an advanced variant of the classic side plank...
    • Oblique Abs: Scissors Side Crunch - Duration: 85 seconds.

      • 6 months ago
      The "Scissors Side Crunch" is an exercise that enables an intensive workout on the oblique abdominals, thanks to the alternating movements of the arms and legs. In fact, in addition to working on t...
    • Six pack abs: Russian twist - Duration: 85 seconds.

      • 6 months ago
      The Russian twist is an exercise through which you can fully train the central part of the body, with a particular focus on the oblique abdominals. The Russian twist is a perfect exercise for all t...
    • Six Pack Abs Series: Wide V-Ups - Duration: 88 seconds.

      • 8 months ago
      WideV-ups are a variation of the more well-known “V-ups”. In addition to being fairly difficult, this exercise is perfect for making all the abdominal muscles work at the same time. If performed c...
    • How to do: Double leg stretch - Duration: 88 seconds.

      • 1 year ago
      The "Double Leg Stretch" is a classic Pilates exercise that builds resistance in your abdominal muscles, developing coordination and control throughout your body.
      When performed correctly, therefor...
    • Vertical Leg Crunches - upper abs exercise - Duration: 62 seconds.

      • 4 years ago
      Vertical leg crunches: this exercise is effective for training the upper abs area of the abdominal muscles.
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  • P4P Workouts Play

    The complete list of all passion4profession's workouts, for abs, chest and buttocks!
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  • Best Buttocks Exercises Play

    Best exercises for toning butt by passion4profession.
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  • Best Chest Exercises Play

    Chest exercises: a list of the best video exercises to train your chest. Every pectoral exercise includes various visual angles and a video dedicated to breathing correctly while performing the movement.
    • T- Push Ups - Duration: 114 seconds.

      • 1 year ago
      T- Push Up is a more complicated version of classic "push-ups". In addition to intensely training the pectorals, their correct performance helps strengthen the central part of the body and also wor...
    • How to Do a Push Up Correctly - Duration: 51 seconds.

      • 1 year ago
      Push ups are one of the best exercises ever invented. Do you know How to Do a Push Up Correctly ?
      Do you want more? Try our chest workout

      P4P OFFICIAL ...
    • The hardest push up variations - Duration: 75 seconds.

      • 1 year ago
      Here's a new harder version of push up exercise. V-Push ups are the best exercise for all the brave and strong people who want to enforce is chest.
      Do you enjoy it? Keep following us!

      P4P OFFICIAL...
    • How To Do Perfect Burpees - Duration: 49 seconds.

      • 1 year ago
      Burpees are one of the best exercises to increase your strength and your resistance.
      It's a perfect way for burning fat and to improve the breathing.
      Are you ready for the training?
      Keep on follow...
    • Spartan Push Up (300 workout) - Duration: 99 seconds.

      • 4 years ago
      Spartan Push Up: advanced exercise used by the protagonists of the film "300" to train the chest muscles. This exercise requires an advanced level, we do not recommend using this exercise for begin...
    • Jump Burpees (quads exercises) - Duration: 83 seconds.

      • 4 years ago
      "Jump Burpees" is an advanced version of the classic burpee. In this version of the exercise, a jump is added at the end of the movement, making the burpee even more complete by adding legs, and in...
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