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  • "Be Brave" Performed by Alyssa Mireles rewritten version of "Let it go"

    1,006 views 10 months ago
    Yeah, got exticed there.
    Alright, I'm sure your confused with this video, like Tails having fire powers and singing and transforming into his Boom design.
    First question: It will be answered in a fanfiction I'm working on, It's a Sonic version of the hit disney film "Frozen", but before you call me a rip-off, I'm paying homage to the film
    and my favorite franchise aswell as the upcoming Sonic Boom TV show and games. But don't worry, I won't just copy the film word by word and action by action, it just follows about 80% of
    the story, dialogue will be different, heck, the entire beginning up to the "Do you wanna build a snowman" part is completely different, I had to cut out "Frozen heart" as it didn't fit,
    and I'm cutting out the reprise of "For the first time in forever" and using "Life's too short" a deleted song that I feel should've been used, I will be using it's reprise and a made-up
    reprise of "Let it go" :D
    Now back to the first question: Not to spoil much, but Tails wasn't born with it, he was cursed by accident. It will be shown in the first chapter.
    The reason he transforms into his Boom design with minor differences, I wanted it to relate to who he truly was, I felt Elsa's ice design didn't fit her at all, plus Tails would look
    really dumb with a orange cape or suit thingy.
    The plot: The story follows about 85% of the Frozen story, but I changed big parts of it in order to fit the game universe more. Anyway,
    The story takes place on the capital of Mobius, Mobotropolis, Sonic The Hedgehog, Son of Queen Aleena, and his friends, Tails Miles Prower, Knuckles The Echidna, and Amy Rose,
    a team of four heroes who protect Mobius from evil. Sonic, now king of Mobius, must go off on a journey with two new friends, Tiara Bobowski,
    and Sticks the Jungle Badger, to stop the eternal heat wave accidentally set off from Sonic's closest friend, Tails, who was accidentally cursed with Fire powers.
    I also hope to turn this into audio-book like project, similar to "Bride of Discord", I just need good actors/singers, artists can help if they want. If anyone wants to help just
    contact me here or devainart. ;)
    Credit time!
    Alyssa Mireles was the singer, not me, and she is talented, you should check her out! :D
    Clearly inspired by Mo Mo O'Brien's "Let'em burn" A fire version of Let It go.
    Style formant was inspired by Namy Gaga's pony version of Let It Go.
    I used pieces of Jess the Dragoon's male animated version of Let It go for references.
    The original "Let It Go" belongs to Disney, written by Kristen Anderson-Lopez Robert Lopez, and sung by the billarant Idina Menzel.
    The pictures were drawn and rewritten by Me.
    I DO NOT OWN THE MOVIE OR SONG, ALL RIGHTS BELONG TO DISNEY, I didn't use this to sell, I just made a fun rewritten version of it.
    Tails belongs SEGA.
    Thank you all for watching! Follow me on Devainart if you are interest in the fanfiction! :D Show less
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