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    In 1994, Thomas Biskup created one of the most detailed RPGs ever made. This Rogue-like, ASCII-based graphic adventure continues to have a loyal, hopelessly addicted fanbase to this very day.

    ozwalled ranks amongst the addicted... even if he isn't very good at the game.

    In this series, ozwalled braves the many deadly dangers of the Ancient Domains of Mystery. Often silly, sometimes suspenseful, and occasionally wrought with emotion, ozwalled brings the game to life in a way never before seen or heard, despite the game's primitive graphics.

    One review states: "It's no secret ADOM is an absolutely terrible game. It's also no secret "ozwalled" is one of the best entertainers on the Internet. When you combine the two, you'd expect a mediocre result, but it's more than that. ozwalled finds the true greatness within this title, and makes you HAVE to play it. This video series is a must-follow."

    ADOM may be very difficult. ozwalled's characters may die a lot. But one thing is for certain: no matter how high the character bodycount rises, ozwalled will soldier on.
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  • Let's Draw (with ozwalled) Play all

    Spare-time artist ozwalled, while not very good at what he does, has been drawing long enough to pass on some tips to help teach ANYONE how to draw.

    A number of his drawings will be comprised of characters from his favorite video games (including EarthBound and the rest of the Mother series, as well as other titles)
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  • EarthBound and Mother 1 + 2 + 3 Play all

    Videos made by EarthBound fan and starmen.net member ozwalled that related to EarthBound and the Mother series.
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