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    Fold Your Own Origami Boats, Ships and Yachts to Sail the High Seas!

    boy-floating-paper-boatIf you are an aspiring seafarer, if you love the feel of wind in your hair and salt spray on your face, or if you just love mucking about in boats, then welcome to the fun world of paper boats. With the models shown in this section, you will be able to create your own nautical adventures on boating ponds, local streams, rivers, rapids, the beach, or even the high seas… be it your local swimming pool or in your bathtub.

    These models are easy to make, some require scissors, some use two pieces of paper (for sail sections) and some are fold-only – so there is a level of skill for all the family. US Letter or A4 is mainly used, though some boats use bigger paper (A3, card, etc.). I encourage you to invent your own craft too since anything is possible with paper, or plastic sheeting for more permanent water use.

    Inches and millimeters are used in various places throughout this chapter, so have a ruler handy that has both metric and imperial measurements. Finally, read the instructions carefully, practice the folds and don’t give up. Once you have mastered the basic steps, you won’t be left high and dry.

    List of all Boats in this categoria:

    Origami boat is one of the most important category in origami. Traditionally there are many kinds of Paper Boats and it is good to learn all of them since they contain very interesting folding techniques. There are also modern origami boats presented here.
    Paper SailBoat Racer
    Paper SailBoat Racer Easy Origami Catamaran
    Easy Origami Catamaran Origami SailBoat - Paper Boats
    Origami SailBoat - Paper Boats Origami Steamboat
    Origami Steamboat BoatBox by Rachel Katz
    BoatBox by Rachel Katz
    Traditional Magic Boat
    Traditional Magic Boat Origami Chinese Ship
    Origami Chinese Ship A Giant Origami Boat
    A Giant Origami Boat Traditional Paper Boat
    Traditional Paper Boat Origami Catamaran
    Origami Catamaran

    How to Make an Origami Boat

    Are you fascinated of Origami Ships?I am a child of a shipman and l was attracted by water and boats throughout my childhood. My parents were captains. As a child I accompanied my parents on their ship. lt was a wonderful time.

    The hobby Origami accompanies me for years. I have leamed a lot of several books as well as of my parents and my aunt and many friends. ln this Section of boats l have chosen traditional models as well as own models and classic models, boats with big sails, all of then find on Internet.

    The simple boats with different degrees of difficulty are not meant only for playing but also for sail contests and transports of loads. Sailing boats made of AQUAPAPIER exhibit a characteristic. The boats made of AQUAPAPIER are water resistant, unsinkable and do not collapse. Also tlat and not swimmable boats are conceivable i.e. for holiday greetings or other opportunities.

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