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  • Writing Over Capacity (a Mini Documentary)

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    Written & Directed by Key-Key Marie. Camera Operated & Edited by: Key-Key Marie. Music Composed & Written by Key-Key Marie of Got KEYS (Recording Studio). http://instagram.com/KEYspitz | http://twitter.com/KEYspitz | http://facebook.com/KEYanna...

    Everybody writes differently. The ideas that flow through their heads have several ways of being expressed. With writing, especially writing bars; you focus on wordplay, rhyme schemes, literary elements so on and so forth.

    Today the writing process can take place anywhere. Whether you put technology to its use or using a good old fashion pen or a pencil, the idea is still documented however you choose.

    From spending a lot of time in the studio I believe I've witnessed it all. Some come prepared. Some write right on the spot. Written verses on their hands. Tissue/paper towel because the lack to find paper in the spur of the moment, they just have to write it down! Lolz.

    Mobile phones seem to be the wave.

    The most amazing thing I've seen was nothing being written at all, and an amazing song coming together from it as the outcome. Jay-Z status! lolz

    Me personally, I write on my laptop; or on a computer in general. My thoughts and my ideas come way too quick for a little ass mobile phone or a pen and a pad. Because i type 70 words per minute and my thoughts are constantly, rapidly being produced. I can consistently get every thought down without forgetting it by typing it in any word based processing program on any pc.
    In a minute using a pen and a pad, I can only write about 30 words, and that's just not enough for my mind! . . .over capacity . . .

    Artist/Talent Featured in this Video:
    Colin Munroe
    P. Scriptures - Young Prodegy
    Young Audi
    Key-Key Marie - @KEYspitz
    Lil' Wayne - Dwayne Carter
    Jahquawn Lewis - Jahkwon Lewis
    Xavier Richburg
    Ronnell Barrett

    Song Featured in Video: TY (Outro)
    Artist: Key-Key Marie
    Album: Key To The City EP

    This Mini Documentary was inspired by J. Cole's - The Warm Up Trailer, Kid Cudi's - A Kid Named Cudi Trailer, Chris Brown's - Grafitti Trailer & The Art of 16 Bars Movie Documentary.

    If you like this mini documentary, you may also like, Ice-T's movie, The Art of Rap.

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