• Sparity Labretto

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    Hey guys! I actually made another animation before the end of the year! Huzzah!

    As you can guess this is a little tribute to all you Spike and Rarity shippers out there. Siansaar and Kilala97 being the biggest shippers I follow. You may have noticed that there are two Sparity OC offspring dragon-pony hybrid... things in there. Those OCs belong to the ever-talented Kilala97 and were used with her permission. I would have loved to have used Siansaar's OC Lavender but his OC is a girl and would be weird for a doctor to sing about having a son when it's a girl. Incidently I had my 5 year old nephew do his first ever bit of voice acting as the bite sound from Turquoise. I totally wanted to involve him in this and it definitely wasn't because I couldn't find a decent "chomp" sound effect on flashkit or anything...

    This whole project took about 67 episodes of Game Grumps playing Wind Waker to do. Those guys are nice to listen to whenever my focus is somewhere else. Dan is best Grump.

    This is basically a pony version of one scene from an episode of Dexter's Laboratory (episode is called "Labretto") that is a musical detailing the early years of Dexter's life as well as his sister Dee Dee. I would do another scene where Claire plays as Dee Dee but then she'd be acting out of character and I don't think Kilala would fly with that.

    So what are your Christmas plans this year? My family has a little tradition where we eat homemade pizza for lunch and lasagna for dinner. It may seem a tad nontraditional according to the media, but screw it. The homemade spaghetti meat sauce we use in the lasagna kicks Olive Garden's sauces in the taint and then promptly curb stomps it with flavor. The only downside to our amazing sauce is the fact that it takes two hours to make.

    This video is also the first time I got to use my updated pony body animation rigs in legit motion. I built the rigs to use for the Petirep-style adaptation for the Mentally Advanced Series of MLP but after working with them for a while I noticed that they are much more user-friendly than what I've been working with before. I also built the adult Spike from scratch and I think he came out pretty okay (though the knobby elbows and knees may be too pronounced). You may have even noticed I recycled my stallion head and recolored it to suit Spike. Lazy ways are the best ways. I may put the .fla files in my dropbox and post download links on my deviantart for anyone that wants to tinker around with my rigs. Depends if anyone cares enough about ponies nowadays to try to make their own cartoon.

    Welp. I'm out of ideas for things to talk about.

    Merry Christmas you filthy animal. (Dakadakadakadakadakadaka!)

    And a happy New Year... (blam!)

    For those of you who like reading descriptions, have a private video showing this video and the original in a side by side comparison.
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