• Jesus Is Real

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    This is a video about a true story that happened many years ago in the late 50's. The place was a small town in Rhode Island, called Chepachet. The song in the video is, I Have Everything, sung by Evangelist, Ezekiel Cash.

    When I was young, I was asked by and acquaintance in my town to find his graduation ring. This ring was lost in a lake called Spring Grove, located in Chepachet, RI. I was going swimming there. With an offer to pay me 2 dollars if I find it, I made this search my job. I swam a long time looking for that ring and found nothing. While coming out of the water, I saw a small hoop of hemp rope. With the water behind me I picked up the hoop of rope and said, Jesus if your REAL, let this rope, fall on that ring. I immediately threw that hoop over my right shoulder and then turned around to see the spot where the hoop had fallen. I walked out about where the rope hoop fell and dove down to the bottom. With eyes opened, I saw the ring right in the middle of the hoop of rope, where I had just walked many times over searching. The ring was in the very center of the hoop and right on top of the sandy bottom. I believe the Lords will then, was to reveal Himself to me and show me He is REAL. I never received the 2 dollars and cannot tell you, this day, the persons name that I returned the ring to. Many other times Jesus showed Himself to me in special ways. I know, He is REAL and wishes all to come to this realization. This story is true. I am a living testimony, of the Majesty and True existence of Jesus Christ. Show less
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      This is a video about a true story that happened many years ago in the late 50's. The place was a small town in Rhode Island, called Chepachet. The song in the video is, I Have Everything, sung by ...
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