• V - La Conspiration de Grenoble (The Grenoble Conspiracy) - Duración: 30 segundos.

    • Hace 1 mes
    • 1.560 visualizaciones
    Another V spinoff teaser.

    More of an exercise in motion tracking than anything else, this video is dedicated to Charles & all the V French Forum team.

    Special thanks to TerrMys for the panora...
  • Sorry! Theme Tune - 10 Hours - Duración: 10 horas.

    • Hace 2 años
    • 24.722 visualizaciones
    Really, really sorry.
  • V - Diana's Christmas Spirit - Duración: 43 segundos.

    • Hace 5 años
    • 3.851 visualizaciones
    Seasons greetings from the one true Lizard Queen... Diana!
  • V - The British Chapter (Season 2) - Duración: 95 segundos.

    • Hace 6 años
    • 33.585 visualizaciones
    This is my 3rd-ever video attempt, continuing on from my previous trailer/intro for a fictitious spin-off of "V" set in Britain. It took a week of spare time, but it's been great fun finding my way...
  • V - The British Chapter (Season 1) - Duración: 70 segundos.

    • Hace 6 años
    • 104.541 visualizaciones
    This is an intro sequence I made one afternoon (while I had a few hours to kill) for a fictitious spin-off of the classic 80s sci-fi mini-series "V", following the efforts of the British resistance...
  • V - La Conspiration de Grenoble (The Grenoble Conspiracy) - Title Sequence - Duración: 82 segundos.

    • Hace 7 años
    • 764 visualizaciones
    For my friends in the V French Squad (and to martindonovan & murphy38), I have put together a title sequence for a French spin-off miniseries based on the 80s sci-fi classic "V".

    Any footage/mod...
  • V - Dramatic Prairie Dog Remix - Duración: 17 segundos.

    • Hace 10 años
    • 18.352 visualizaciones
    Yet another one to add to the mountain of videos contributing to the growing legend that is the Dramatic Prairie Dog!
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