Killing Of Shiaa In Pakistan
Since "1947" To "2010"
Killing Of Shiaa In Pakistan
Since "1947" To "2010"
135,000  Shiaa's Killed By Anti Shiaa's
In Which
15,000  Doctors
3,000 Professors
2051 Advocates
45 Judges
3,000 SchoLars
3031 Business Men
And Another All Processor's Of Imam Hussian (a.s)
6890 Times Attack On Muharram's Processions

Time Magzine Reprot's That
Although Shiaa Is Target But Today's Also Shiaa Is Most Spreading sect in Pakistan....
Shiaa Is 30% In Pakistan But They Have Power
And Althogh Shiaa's Procession's Targets Mostly By Suicide's Attacks and Firings But Wiht Compare Another Sect Shiaas Do Most Processions and Programes
                                                     ****** S S P ******
Shiaa                Super             Power
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