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    Ear & I attempts to bring together as much different artforms as possible and stream it to your place at the time it's happening. The concept is based on the performance of electronic music, flanked by a performance by a writer and / or a painter, actor, dancer, pantomimic, sculptor or a video-performance taking place at the same time. Both performances will be transmitted by several cameras and live directed by a video artist on the spot to make this become a true live streaming experience.
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  • Bolda & Mičkal - Summerdaze [NTRYD003] Play all

    Seit bald zehn jahren kennen sich Markese und Sarna bereits und keiner der beiden hätte sich gedacht, dass sie ihr Album veröffentlichen würden, welches sie in der brütenden Sommerhitze des Jahres 2008 in den Atelierräumlichkeiten im Industrieareal der Neon Technik in Seebach im Norden Zürichs zusammen komponiert und produziert haben. Die Entstehung der Musik hat seine eigenen kleinen und feinen Geschichten die hier erzählt werden wollen: Die Sessions waren geprägt von der zum Teil lähmenden Hitze jener Tage und hatten oft den Charakter eines gemütlichen Beisammenseins. Da nur ein Computer zum arrangieren der Musik zur Verfügung stand, war jeweils einer der beiden zum warten verdammt und durfte sich die Zeit mit dem Kochen eines leckeren Mahls oder Fussball jonglieren die Zeit vertreiben. Wurde es zu heiss oder stand sonst alles still wurde die Arbeit feierlich durch einen kleinen Tischtennis Match oder ein Bad in der Badi in Seebach unterbrochen. Ein paar Jahre nachdem dieses Album entstanden war und beinahe vergessen ging hörten Markese und Sarna es sich nochmals an und realisierten, dass es gar nicht so leid war, und entschieden sich es doch noch der grossen weiten Welt zugänglich zu machen. Nicht nur das, sie waren nun begeistert und zu Ehren dieses Werkes entschieden sie sich mit einem Nacht-Fotoshooting am Katzensee ihrer Musik einen romatischen bildlichen Rahmen zu geben der das Gefühl der Musik transportieren würde. Entstanden ist dabei diese wunderbare Bilderreihe, die Alessandro Frigerio fotografiert hat. Zur Fotosession mitten in der Nacht wurden die drei vom Stadt bekannten Taxi André und seinem Ami-Schlitten gefahren, was dem ganzen einen passenden Anstrich eines amerikanischen Road Trips verlieh und die Session für alle Beteiligten zum unvergesslichen Erlebnis machte.
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  • Dollar Mambo - Rounds Around [NTRY012] Play all

    Dollar Mambo - Horn's Hall (Shadi Megallaa Remix)
    Dollar Mambo - In The Ass Of The Lord (Mr. Kaizen Remix)
    Dollar Mambo - In The Ass Of The Lord (Sarna Remix)
    Dollar Mambo - Slow Park (Lump Remix)

    Remixes from the acclaimed debut album Dollar Mambo - Melodivia [NTRY009 & NTRYCD002]

    [NTRY012] Nice Try Records 2012
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  • Dadaglobal - Hier ist nicht da [NTRY013] Play all

    Dadaglobal - Hermann Von Klatten
    Dadaglobal - Hermann Von Klatten (Ly Sander Remix)
    Dadaglobal - Jim Jones
    Dadaglobal - Walzergruss III

    'Hier ist nicht da' is a dream scapy techno jazz poem that has the potential to carry you away to outer space. You can clearly sense Dadas affinity for Cage & Stockhausen which makes this record quite a special one. Dadaglobal is part of Zürichs electronic music scene for many many years, involving himself at the most infamous venues in Switzerland. Dada is performing live with machines only, combining all the things that make him who he is: smart, sensitive, expressive, genuine and educated in classical music. Nice Try Records is also very happy to announce a trippy old school contribution to this release by Lausannes Producer and DJ Ly Sander.

    [NTRY013] Nice Try Records 2012
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  • Michal Ho - Don't Rush [NTRY014] Play all

    Michal Ho - Jook
    Michal Ho - Don't Rush
    Michal Ho - Don't Rush (Jay Haze's Return Of The Pony Mix)

    In the beginning there was the funk. A magical power source of unknown origin. Myth upholds that Michal Ho once showered his limbs in this fountain of creativity, and thus earned him his fantastic powers. A more traditional accounting would perhaps uphold that Michal Ho was initiated to electronic club music by the likes of Photek and Moritz von Oswald. His bass-bouncy and sampladelic techno style certainly has earned him a community of fans across the globe. And his quirky collaborations with Samim have positioned him comfortably in the hall of fame of Swiss electronic music heroes. He is, as Resident Advisor once tagged him, "not your average minimal techno guy".
    Returning from his 2011 album "A Minute for Everyone" for Jay Haze's Tuning Spork label, Mr. Ho has produced a downright slammer for Zurich imprint Nice Try Records. The somewhat ironically titled "Don't Rush" is a bass-driven hypnotic monster, topped by jumbling vocals. Contexterrior boss and long-time musical friend Jay Haze delivers a remix that offers a likewise punchy version of this minimal funk gem. On the flip side, Michal grows into the sampler kid he was and always will be. On and on. Yeah, we're mesmerized.

    [NTRY014] Nice Try Records 2013
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  • Snook Later - Snook Theme [NTRY011] Play all

    Snook Later - Snook Theme feat. Michael Jaeger
    Snook Later - Blue After Monday feat. Omer & Trojka
    Snook Later - Snook Theme (Dadaglobal Remix)

    He is back: Snook Later, the man who gave us the jazz-ravy madness of the first Nice Try Records release, returns on the Zurich-based label. It seems logical then -- but only wickedly so - that Zurich producer Dadaglobal takes up Snooks inaugural cue with an irrestible remix of a dancefloor shaker. Grooves that let not only your limbs shake but also your spine tingle.

    [NTRY011] Nice Try Records 2012
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  • MRZ - Feather Fiction [NTRY015] Play all

    MRZ's second release on Zürich based label Nice Try Records features two of his wonkiest tracks he ever made. After french house pioneer Ark asked for new vinyl copies of his first Nice Try release because 'they were too fucked cause he played them too much', it was clear he'd be the one to do the remix for MRZ second release.

    The artwork to this release is contributed by New York based and international well known contemporary artist Rashaad Newsome, who is collaborating with MRZ for many years in a row already: MRZ is regularly producing amazing Hip Hop beats for Rashaad's video art, which is extremely well anticipated in New York's art scene and all around the world.
    Emerging from Zürich's underground scene, MRZ is slowly paving his way to become a well requested live artist to play many of the coolest venues and festivals around Switzerland and Germany. As part of the live combo 'Compact Flash' he even went on an extended china tour last year which brought him quite a lot of attention. But still, becoming a requested artist doesn't mean he would stop to be a creative element in Zürich's underground and squat activist scene - wherever he can he would support youth's claim for affordable cultural spaces and the freedom of expression in a city that more and more becomes tied up by an expansive construction boom.
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  • Dollar Mambo - Melodivia [NTRY009 & NTRYCD002] Play all

    Dollar Mambo - Jumpingheads
    Dollar Mambo - Hurry On Down
    Dollar Mambo - Shawarma Club
    Dollar Mambo - Horn's Hall
    Dollar Mambo - In The Ass Of The Lord
    Dollar Mambo - Melodivia
    Dollar Mambo - Extraforms BB
    Dollar Mambo - My Blood's Cells
    Dollar Mambo - Slow Park
    Dollar Mambo - Musette

    Dive right in. Into the mesmerizing world of Melodivia. Embark on a journey of many things. Yes, you most certainly will shake your booty on this quest. Incessantly. Perhaps you will wake up in the arms of that woman you always dreamt of. Or you will wind up selling your soul to the devil, who knows?

    Zurich's Nice Try Records brings you an album that tugs with melodic sentiment. Sumptuous yet fragile, harmonic fragments emanate from meandering hooks, dripping resonant as gruffy bass tones offer glimpses of movement and energy beneath the surface.

    Just when you started to despair that there would ever emerge a talented house producer from the lake-shores of Montreux, along comes a perfect example. Dollar Mambo? Stéphane Perrinjaquet is super-skilled, free of fear, bedazzled with hellish funkyness, or simply the man to convince you that jazz has the last word in the realm of the four-to-the-floor. Not for nothing, Stéphane Perrinjaquet has soaked up all that jazz, soul and blues from years of drooling at notorious performances at that festival. Rumours even uphold that once a glimmer shone on Miles' trumpet, and tinker-bell-wise zigzagged through that concert hall only to blind young Stéphane: to forever bind him onto his future path of clubby, eccentric playfulness. Ah, the prophetic joys of music! You can bet your dollar on that mambo.

    [NTRYCD002 & NTRY009] Nice Try Records 2011
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