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Koj hais koj li lus, Kuv hais kuv li lus, Peb yog Hmoob - AYOUDUO

717 views 1 week ago
This video is not mine. Credit to Jeff Kabyeej.

There are three regional dialects of the Miao people in China; Dongbu Fayue (eastern), Zhongbu Fayue (central) and Xibu Fayue (western).

Ayouduo speaks the central Miao dialect; spoken by majority of the Miao people in China.

The Hmong outside China speak mostly Xibu Fayue (western); Hmoob dawb and Hmoob ntsuab are part of Xibu Fayue. The second largest dialect.

Like the Chinese, there are Mandarin speakers, Cantonese speakers, Shanghainese speakers, Hunanese speakers, Teochew, Hakka, Hokkien, Fujian, and so forth. All are different, but share the same ancestors.

We are one big family, whether Eastern Miao, Central Miao or Western Miao. Show less
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