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  • ChangeStream Media - Channel

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    ChangeStream Media is a Seattle-based nonprofit organization that uses digital storytelling to educate, inspire and empower disadvantaged communities worldwide.
  • Petr Hlawiczka - Channel

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    Info from Formula 1 world.

    More on www.f1news.cz
  • Alberta Urban Garden Simple Organic and Sustainable - Channel

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    Welcome to the Alberta Urban Garden where we experiment in Urban Gardening in Zone 3a. This channel will show my two hobbies over the last number of years I have grown to really enjoy! the first is
  • RobBobs Backyard Farming - Channel

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    We are a family trying to become as self-reliant as possible on a small suburban block in South East Queensland Australia..
    Our gardening adventures include wicking veggie garden beds, straw bale gard
  • CaliKim29 Garden & Home DIY - Channel

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    In a fast paced life, fast food, agricultural mass production; I try to eat healthy (with a few splurges now and then), be as economical as possible (we're not loaded), am a DIY'er and enjoy life, my
  • #Gardening - Channel

      Gardening is the practice of growing and cultivating plants as part of horticulture. In gardens, ornamental plants are often grown for their flowers, foliage, or overall appearance; useful plants, suc
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    • Gary Pilarchik - Channel

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      This channel is dedicated to tomato and vegetable gardening. I try and make my videos short and to the point. I blog and make HD videos about all aspects of vegetable gardening from seed starting to h
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    • MIgardener | Simple Organic Gardening & Sustainable Living - Channel

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      Welcome to MIgardener!
      100% Organic Gardening, Self-Sustainability, Healthy Recipes and much more for the gardener of today.
      Learn how to grow more, live healthier lives and have fun doing it!

      **3 N
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    • What I do with Excess Fruits & Vegetables & More Organic Gardening Q&A - Duration: 34:44.

      • 1 month ago
      John from http://www.growingyourgreens.com/ answers your organic gardening questions.

      Help John to close caption his videos and get your questions answered with the link below:
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    • #195: RF Diplexer Basics: Tutorial, construction and tuning - Duration: 11:59.

      • 5 days ago
      This video introduces the RF Diplexer, which is a pair of filters used to separate RF signals on a single feedline into two different feedlines based on their band of operation. These are commonly...
    • 2015 - Ted's Notebook - 2nd Test Day Three 1/2 - Duration: 14:56.

      • 5 days ago
    • Matthias Wandel - Channel

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      Videos to go with my website woodgears.ca
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    • Winter Sowing | Searching for Potting Soil in a Blizzard, They Think I'm a Nutter - Duration: 7:22.

      • 1 week ago
      http://www.JuicingGardener.com - Searching for potting soil in a blizzard, they think I'm a NUTTER! ;)

      In this video, I bear the winter winds and snow to show you the importance of finding your so...
    • JuicingGardener (Sheryl Mann) - Channel

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      Join me on my journey of growing my own organic veggies for juicing! We'll save a ton of money by growing our own produce right in our back yards and in containers on our balconies or patios.

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    • Charles Dowding - Channel

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    • Lead Balloon TV - Channel

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      Kate McCartney and Kate McLennan. Making TV for the Internet since 2013.

      Lead Balloon presents The Katering Show - Coming in February 2015.

      The journey of a food intolerant, and an intolerable foodi
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    • Who Is This Woman?!?!?! - Duration: 5:30.

      • 1 week ago
      So, you want to know who my now-fiance is? Well, here she is! She's a wonderful lady from Sichuan Province, China. That's right - I got a Chinese girl :)

      "What To Do?" Facebook: http://www.facebo...
    • Adam Libert - Channel

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      Welcome to my YouTube Channel. This channel contains a small selection of videos from the many awesome projects I've worked on. Hopefully these videos will serve as a window into my world and allow yo
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    • Motionmagnetics - Channel

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      Working diligently to build a Non Equilibrium Steady State System, by warping the electron spins of magnets, to create a favorable arrangement of exchange force pulses capable of powering a working ma
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    • Royal Society Brian Mercer Award 2015 for innovation - Duration: 5:13.

      • 2 weeks ago
      Dr Jade Alglave, University College London, is the recipient of the 2013 Brian Mercer Award for Innovation for '.cat: a standard verification format for hardware chips'.

      The Brian Mercer Award for...
    • GoSun Stove - Channel

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      Want to learn how to maximize your GoSun, or just see what all the excitement is about? This is the channel for you.

      About the GoSun: With only 20 minutes to a meal, safely sizzling up to 550°F, the
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    • Learn Organic Gardening at GrowingYourGreens - Channel

      • 1,039 videos
      Growing Your Greens is the most watched gardening show on youtube. It's a fun and enlightening show on how to grow food at your home and beyond. John provides you with tips and tricks as well as share
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    • City Living In A Pop Top Camper - Duration: 15:20.

      • 2 weeks ago
      This little pop-top camper might not look like much from the outside, but for 22 year old Lily Kemp it's home. For her it means freedom and provides an escape from the rent trap.

      With prices in A...
    • TAOFLEDERMAUS - Channel

      • 911 videos
      A channel about curiosity, science (ishness) and doing viewer-suggestions. Surprisingly, I actually spend time reading your comments and replying to them. Why would you leave a comment if no on
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    • ConservationDotOrg - Channel

      • 326 videos
      Building upon a strong foundation of science, partnership and field demonstration, CI empowers societies to responsibly and sustainably care for nature, our global biodiversity, for the well-being of
      • CHANNEL
    • Permaculturenews - Channel

      • 75 videos
      The Mission of the Permaculture Research Institute is to work with individuals and communities worldwide, to expand the knowledge and practice of integrated, sustainable agriculture and culture using
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    • GrandPrixSavvy - Channel

      • 25 videos
      Grand Prix Savvy gives you insight and independent analysis into the world of motor racing. Formula One, GP2 & GP3 : Starting with testing at Jerez and going through 2015 calendars, the technologies,
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    • VergePermaculture - Channel

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    • Churchill Customs - Channel

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    • HEAR the Sauber C34-Ferrari! - Sauber F1 Team - Duration: 0:42.

      • 4 weeks ago
      2 days to go! You may have SEEN other 2015 cars already, we let you HEAR ours!

      Visit www.sauberf1team.com on 30th January 10h00 CET to SEE our 2015 race car!


    • thunderf00tCC - Channel

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      I own all the rights to the media on this channel. All the work on this channel is available under the following creative commons license.

      CC BY-SA
      -same license as most of th
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    • AvE - Channel

      • 185 videos
      and err
      and err again
      but less
      and less
      and less.

      -Piet Hein
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    • Grant Thompson - "The King of Random" - Channel

      • 203 videos
      Call it "mad science", or just a "quest for discovery". These are some of my experiments, life-hacks, and random weekend projects.

      WARNING: In many cases, these projects can be dangerous, posing risk
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    • BrightGreenThumb - Channel

      • 115 videos
      This channel is dedicated to gardening both indoor and outdoor in the Great Northwest. We have a strong focus on providing detailed and accurate tests of both organic and non organic nutrients. The te
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    • Corn Seed Timelapse: Manure Comparison - Duration: 1:42.

      • 2 years ago
      Under the direction of the International Plant Nutrition Institute and the Southeastern Idaho Research Institute, with research conducted by the Brigham Young University-Idaho Department of Applied...
    • aarava - Channel

      • 597 videos
      I create F1 2015 Video Content! And F1 2014 Gaming Content at the moment!
      Subscribe for High Quality Weekly F1 2014 Gaming Content
      Hi, you can call me aarava, I am 19 and love F1 and General Gaming!
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    • World Centric: compostable corn containers and sugar bowls - Duration: 4:55.

      • 5 years ago
      Aseem Das shows us their biodegradable/compostable containers made from bagasse (sugarcane fiber) and bioplastics (corn, potato) and their compost heap. Original content here: http://faircompanies....
    • Nicola Newman - Channel

      • 55 videos
      Join me and have fun developing your Green Thumb muscles... Your family, your health and the environment will thank you for it!!!
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    • Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage Open House 2013 - Duration: 6:16.

      • 5 months ago
      Dancing Rabbit was founded in 1997 to find out how people can live rich, vibrant lives while leaving an ecological footprint that our planet can sustain. Come learn about sustainable living and se...
    • drecovillage - Channel

      • 19 videos
      Dancing Rabbit TV is the official video blog of Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage. Located in northeastern Missouri, Dancing Rabbit is an off-the-grid intentional community dedicated to ecological sustainabil
      • CHANNEL
    • Life In Australia: Geraldton. - Duration: 19:39.

      • 1 month ago
      From the Film Australia Collection. Made by the Commonwealth Film Unit 1966. Directed by Christopher McCullough. The Life in Australia series was made by the Department of Immigration in the mid 19...
    • #191: Beware of test equipment loading effects!! Learn from my error! - Duration: 8:12.

      • 1 month ago
      In the previous video, #190: Transistor Current Sources (link below), I made an error in my measurements because I ignored the loading effects of one of the meters. Since every mistake is really a...
    • The Kavli Foundation - Channel

      • 59 videos
      To advance fundamental research in the fields of astrophysics, nanoscience, neuroscience, and theoretical physics, The Kavli Foundation has to date established 15 research institutes at leading academ
      • CHANNEL
    • X and Me; Tourette's Syndrome - Duration: 13:47.

      • 1 month ago
      The number of disabled students in Higher Education is steadily rising. X and Me is a programme devised by Thomas Denton and Professor Alan Ford to promote understanding and develop awareness of th...
    • frugalgreengirl - Channel

      • 91 videos
      Saving Money, Natural and Healthy Living, Gardening/ Homesteading and More!
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    • FLOW THROUGH WORM BIN - Duration: 5:53.

      • 1 year ago
      WORM FACTORY 360
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