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    Camp Toccoa, Georgia. Summer, 1942. A diverse group of young American men begin their voluntary training in one of America's newest military experiments: the paratroops. Their unit, Easy Company of the 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment, is commanded
    by the petty, autocratic Lt. HERBERT SOBEL (David Schwimmer). His job is to turn these eager civilians into the U.S. Army's most elite soldiers. But Sobel fails to win the respect of his men, and a rivalry emerges between him and a junior officer, Lt. DICK WINTERS (Damian Lewis). Winters' best friend, Lt. LEWIS NIXON (Ron Livingston), becomes an intelligence officer and tells Winters their first combat assignment will be to invade occupied Europe. Training for this mission in England, Sobel continues to harass Winters by citing him for failing to inspect a latrine. When Winters requests a trial by court martial, the sergeants in the company decide to turn in their stripes rather than lose Winters and have to follow Sobel into combat. Their Commanding Officer, Col. ROBERT SINK (Dale Dye), upbraids them for this, but decides to transfer Sobel out of the company before the upcoming D-day mission. The episode ends as the company -- Winters included -- board planes headed for Normandy.
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    Behind the Scenes: The Making of "Band of Brothers" (29:29) An excellent behind the scenes feature on the making of the mini-series.
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