• Overview: Phoenix & Consolidated Art Glass

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    Learn about Phoenix & Consolidated art glass from Jack D. Wilson. He is the author of "Phoenix & Consolidated Art Glass 1926-1980." He also did both the Consolidated and Phoenix categories in Schroeder's Antique Price Guide for ten years. Learn about Consolidated Martele, Catalonian, Ruba Rombic, Florentine, L'Ora, Regent, Con-Cora and more. He also cover Phoenix art glass, the related Muncie Pottery designs by Reuben Haley, Kopp Modernistic glass and an interesting line of silver plate that is complimentary to Ruba Rombic glassware, Benedict Modernistic. Show less
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    Videos about Phoenix & Consolidated art glass by Jack D. Wilson, author of "Phoenix & Consolidated Art Glass 1926-1980" which was published in 1989 and was out of print by 1999. Jack Wilson was also an advisor for ten years for Schroeder's Antique Price Guide for both the Consolidated and Phoenix glass categories. These videos will also cover the related Reuben Haley designs for Muncie Pottery and Kopp Modernistic glass and Benedict Modernistic silver plate which is a complimentary design to Ruba Rombic. Please subscribe to this channel to get notification when new videos are available. I also welcome your coming on these videos.
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  • Prescott Place Political Satire ala Peyton Place Play all

    Prescott Place is a hilarious look at politics in small town America done as a series of funny videos. If you miss the cutting comedy style of Monty Python, then check out Prescott Place. Political satire with a bite, this animated cartoon series is loosely based on and inspired by Peyton Place, USA.
    As in many small towns in rural America, local politics in Prescott Place is played down and dirty. In this mythical small town in the Southwest all the characters are fictitious but their closets are full of familiar skeletons, and the humor is cutting and real.
    Prescott Place spoofs the political hijinks common in the Wild, Wild West with comedy and insightful humor as it looks at the common political goings on that can be found in almost any small town if you take the time to look below the surface.
    Its cast of funny characters includes:
    • Mayor Marvin Kooky, a dyed in the wool Good Ole Boy who tries to help his supporters in any way he can. He does not tolerate critics, so beware.
    • Councilman Yammersen who tries to influence Mayor Kooky. He indulges himself in long comedic musings at council sessions. He is especially fond of the US Constitution but has his own stilted interpretations of how it applies.
    • Lulu Mastodon who is editor of an electronic blog with a completely bias slant that supports the Good Ole Boys. She never attended journalism school and, with no published code of ethics to get in her way, is completely free to twist facts or disregard them completely.
    • The Fixer who supplies the grease to make things happen in Prescott Place.
    Will Rogers said: "I don't make jokes; I just watch the government and report the facts" and that is the approach that Prescott Place takes. It is a spoof and that can be seen in the credits where it is announced that "Names have been changed to protect the guilty." If you are looking for something that is Roll-On-The-Floor funny, check out Prescott Place.
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