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    WARNING: The following content contains scenes of flashing images and strong language.

    Ladies and gentlemen, this is a important announcement

    I am leaving youtube for good by the end of 2016 as this is due to their advertising friendly guidelines and their youtube heroes program.

    If Youtube continues to take the piss with their corporate mainstream media bullshit and kicking you down as a Small Content creator, do NOT join that site ever again!! Take it from a small content creator like myself who's been there and was loyal to the site since 2007 before it become a corporate shithole.

    Youtube only likes it when your on their platform kissing it's ass, but I am here to tell you as it is, that youtube is a piece of shit website filled with corporate restriction bullshit,

    Don't allow yourself to waste your own time to be fooled and suckered in by youtube's terms of service or whatever else is on the surface. Underneath it all lies a site filled with greed, neglect and cruelty to its small content creators, The only things youtube had going for it was its community, it's a very close-nit community, and the fact that Youtube was strict about copyright and them looking out for the big channels and big corporations . To top it all off, Youtube has proven (time and time again) to be an un-cooperative website and being disloyal to its smaller users which those people made youtube possible from the ground up before google brought youtube in 2006, This will now make it the eighth time they shot themselves in the foot and bitten the hand that feeds them, once again for their stupidity and not fixing their own shit. If you're looking for an alternative video sharing site, i strongly suggest you try out Vid.Me or metajolt it's a much better platform than youtube without any censorship , save yourself the drama and the disappearment, and don't even consider Youtube's corporate bullshit. If you want to stay on youtube in anyway possible (if the site continues to fuck you over by their own stupidity into kicking you off as a small content creator by getting your channels terminated), one way or another, you'll regret it, guaranteed. Just a fair warning to you all from The Red Artistic Knight.

    If your one of the defenders of youtube that you possibly think its fixed, Don't Bullshit me with your nonsense!!, because I been there! youtube was never fixed in the first place since they keep changing their algorithm. Many people like myself told youtube to fix their shit and they went the opposite. So if you want stay on youtube and loving the disappointment that you deserve that's entirely your decision but I will tell you this, you are wasting your time, Youtube and google only want your money just so they can continue to kick down the smaller channels including me and yourself and its only a matter of time for youtube to mess up again when an unknown user mass flagging your videos, I'm not taking my chances back on that website again, you have been warned.

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