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Mormon Temples Between Heaven and Earth Play

Mormon religious video, "Between Heaven and Earth," religious scholars of various faiths discuss the importance of temple worship from the time of Adam and Eve to modern man and provide a broad insight in the concept and need for temples. The religious scholars are from Harvard Divinity School, New York University, and other Universities and also includes interviews with Truman Madsen, Elder Jeffrey R. Holland, Elder Boyd K. Packard and others.

This first clip compares the modern Mormon temple to ancient temples (and tabernacle) as recorded in the Bible. Frank Moore Cross, professor of Ancient History at Harvard University, remarks at the beginning, "I am both interested and delighted to see so much of ancient religious tradition, particularly Biblical tradition, taken up into the religious structures and rituals of the Mormons."

"I find in Mormonism, in its enduring temple perspective and in its transcending breaking through making porous the wall between time and eternity. It speaks to me as something good to hear about." -- Krister Stendahl, Dean of Divinity Emeritus, Harvard University

Jeffrey R Holland Book of Mormon LDS Conference Oct 2009 179 Play

Elder Jeffrey R Holland "Safety for the Soul" General Conference talk from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints 179th Semiannual General Conference, October 2009. LDS, Mormon Church.
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