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    Yes - if you haven`t found us already - Gilbert fans this is for YOU ! Totally dedicated to Gilbert ` HIMSELF ` - All the best videos , great music you may not have heard before and much, much more . With subscribers from all over the world , proving how popular this musical genius still is . Re-live all the memories from the start and track his career right up until today with the release of his brilliant new album GILBERTVILLE . - FTG - Friends Through Gilbert !

    Here`s some reviews from the magazine RECORD COLLECTOR -

    GILBERT IS GOD - ( from 2007 )
    As I approach my 50th year, I have come to the conclusion that I have been denying myself for many many years ! Namely Gilbert O'Sullivan is the greatest tunesmith and most underated artist of the last 35 years. There I said it. In a recent concert at the Barbican he played a brilliant set of old favourites and new tracks from his latest CD, A Scruff At Heart. The new tracks bristled with hooks and I was humming along before they had even finished. and this on first hearing ! How many groups/artists can you say this about ? I found I knew the lyrics to most of the older songs, and I was singing along like never before, and I am a veteran of thousands of gigs across the whole spectrum of music over the last 35 years ( Penetration are up next). Gilbert has shrugged off Prog, Glam, Disco, Punk, Post Punk ,Electro, Alternative, Rave etc and is now at the age of 60 looking and sounding better than ever. I came out of the Barbican a happier more contented person having finally accepted the truth: Gilbert is God. This is no nostalgic knee jerk reaction. RC, give this man much overdue and deserved respect now!

    by G.D Evans

    Gilbert O'Sullivan - Gilbertville -The master of miserable mirth returns ( from 2011 )

    The artist formerly know as Ray O'Sullivan carved out a healthy 70s career for himself by combining sparkling wit and sombre misery, so it was only a matter of time before such an equally musically schizophrenic figure as Morrissey got round to covering him. Yet, while Moz's inclusion of Nothing Rhymed in his live sets would seem to be an unbeatably perfect fit, others also took their inspiration from Gilbert.
    The lyrical articulacy and melodic confidence of Madness and, even more so, Squeeze can be at least partly traced back to O'Sullivan's skill in dressing up domestic mundanity as catchy pop (We Will, Matrimony). Every time Chris Difford heads for the kitchen sink he's reminded of how Gilbert was the plumber who fit the pipes in the first place, and it's a pleasure to report that his number's still in the book.
    Nothing on Gilbertville quite matches the glories of old, but a few tracks come close. The country stroll of Here's Why pushes every smart pop button there is, The Allergy Song is selfdeprecatingly hilarious ("I've read a lot of Shakespeare/I've seen his movies too"), and Down Down Here is a midtempo ballad at risk of overdosing on its own gorgeousness.

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    Hear and see selected highlights from all Gilbert`s albums - a great way for newer fans of his music to get a feel of how each album sounds . Hopefully you will then buy the album ! Its unfortunate that no video footage exists of Gilbert performing many of his great album tracks because many fans consider them to be some of his best work . To get over this problem the songs are presented in a variety of different ways , using photographs , animation and appropriate film footage . Hope you enjoy them !
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    These songs are unavailable on any official releases - some are old songs,some unreleased and others only performed live on stage and not recorded !
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    Some of the best cover versions of Gilberts songs by various artists . OK, we know none of these can compare with the originals, but think what a thrill it must have been for Gilbert for some of these stars to record his songs ......
    Some of these are in foreign languages and have been requested for inclusion by other subcribers - FTG`s !
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    • MORRISEY SINGS GILBERT O`SULLIVAN ! + Gilbert`s thoughts on Morrisey ! - Duration: 1:48.

      • 3 months ago
      The legendary singer/songwriter and former front man of THE SMITHS surprised his audience in Antwerp recently with this rendition of I DIDN`T KNOW WHAT TO DO . Most of the audience were probably c...
    • GILBERT O`SULLIVAN - New Album coming in 2015 ! - Duration: 0:33.

      • 3 months ago
      For many years Gilbert has wanted to record an album with a Latin feel . Earlier this year he travelled to Madrid in Spain to work with Spanish musicians to finally make his dream come true . The n...
    • Gilbert O`Sullivan ALONE AGAIN ( Naturally ) Unreleased Version & New album news ! - Duration: 3:29.

      • 3 months ago
      An unreleased version of one of Gilbert`s most popular and loved songs .Gilbert is currentyl working on a brand new album due to be released early in 2015 . The album will have a Latin feel and som...
    • Gilbert O`Sullivan - A SIGHT FOR SORE EYES - Duration: 3:41.

      • 4 months ago
      A request from one of our 2,000 plus subscribers - a seldom heard track from Gilbert`s great 2001 album IRLISH .
    • The 9/11 Memorial Museum - Images & Music ..... - Duration: 4:09.

      • 9 months ago
      Images from the newly opened 9/11 Memorial Museum in New York accompanied by Gilbert O`Sullivan`s brilliant song ALL THEY WANTED TO SAY .
    • Gilbert O`Sullivan - The OOH BABY Remixes - Duration: 13:46.

      • 1 year ago
      For those of you interested in the more obscure Gilbert releases , here`s a 4 track CD Single that came out about the same time as the IRLISH album in 2001 . None of these tracks appeared on that a...
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