• DCS Mig-15bis Beta (Start up, taxi, landing, shutdown)

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    I attempt to start up, taxi, land, and shutdown, the Belsimtek DCS Mig-15bis Fagot Beta version. For the most part, things went great. I was going by my memory of the procedures and my brain was on standby mode. With practice, I could do everything better and faster, but this is the first evening I could try the Mig-15bis out.

    My first impressions of the Fagot are very favorable. I think that the Mig-15bis is a real simulated dream ride. Like the DCS F86F-35 Sabre, I have a long way to go before I claim to be good with the Fagot, but, as with the Sabre, I already really like the Fagot. One of the reasons I really like the Mig-15bis is that the two seat version of this plane, the Mig-15UTI Midget, was used as a trainer for one of my all time favorite planes and dream rides, the Mig-17 Fresco.

    As far as how to I compare the Fagot to the Sabre, I think it is a matter of apples and oranges. The Sabre is a confidence building superlative air superiority fighter. With a tremendous roll rate and remarkable instantaneous turn capabilities, the F86F-35 Sabre is a pure bred Apex furballer, deserving of ECW style entrance music, every time she shows up on the scene. The Fagot is a formidable point defense interceptor, with a stupendous climb rate and a 37 mm bomber killing cannon. The Mig-15bis is to bombers what the Death Star is to Alderaan. In the case of the Sabre and Fagot, I really like both apples and oranges.

    Note: I recorded this at Midnight. I should be in bed, though should be is something I try to avoid. I can actually sleep till 8 am tomorrow, so I don't care. Six hours of sleep is fine. Admittedly, I am going to be a zombie tomorrow. I still don't regret it. I had fun. =)

    In the video, I make some mistakes. For instance, during the shut down, I forget to turn off the oxygen and I had trouble getting the canopy open. I kept pulling on the canopy handle, but I forgot to depressurize the cockpit, so it was like twisting a hard to open jar lid, without using a spoon to release the pressure first. =) Show less
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