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    Join Chris from CaribbeanPot.com as he shows you how simple it is to make some of the most tasty and exotic dishes from the Caribbean. Packed with rich island flavors and with the heat and spice you a
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    What up, my name's TJ Smith. I do music videos, "Highway Singalongs," epic slowmo videos, happy pranks, parody music videos, sketches, and more. I also have a gaming channel in the side bar under "TJ
  • Just found these videos. HOW FUN!!! Keep em coming. What a fun way to spread happiness on the road! More, please!

    HIGHWAY SING-A-LONG: Valentine's Edition (Backstreet Boys) - Duration: 3:41.

    • 2 years ago
    Watch more Highway Singalongs here! ► http://bit.ly/1Ba4xkZ
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    Give us song suggestions in the comments!

    More comedy videos here! http://bit.ly/GVgZOg

    My friend Danie...
  • The sweetest "Welcome Home" EVER!!! Thank you for sharing! And thank you for your service!

    Dog sees Dad after being gone over 6 months - Duration: 2:31.

    • 1 year ago
    After being gone for over six months overseas, my daddy's girl of a puppy is finally reunited with her daddy. As far as people commenting on the credits at the end, it was a joke among friends, lig...
  • So completely amazing and adorable.

    Curious Koala Walks Into House - Duration: 4:57.

    • 1 year ago
    I was delighted to find a koala on the front doorstep on my way out to work.
    She decides to walk in and make herself at home. This is a wild koala, yet so trusting and curious! This happened mid Ap...
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    The unofficial biography of Mary-Kate Olsen. Now a part of the CollegeHumor channel.

    Facebook App: http://www.facebook.com/verymarykate?sk=app_156386391088253
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    The ShoKo Show! Brightening up your day, waving the flag for shelter cats, and reminding us that life is pawesome! Featuring Shorty and Kodi. Both were adopted from local shelters. Shorty was born Sep
  • Why is it that everyone tries to find the negative? My mother always said, "When you point your finger at someone, remember that three of your own fingers are pointing back at you." What you did for that elderly gentleman was an extreme act of kindness and concern. Congratulations for showing that there are still people in the world with good and thoughtful hearts! I offer up prayers for you today, my friend. May God bless you.

    I do not run red lights - Duration: 0:32.

    • 1 year ago
    I have been accused in the Who says bikers don't care video (http://youtu.be/T7efWmFSroo) that I ran the lights after helping. This is my response. It is always best to check your facts and eye sig...
  • Awesome! Love SW Airlines, and this guy can rap a safety briefing like no other!

    Flight Attendant RAPPING the Safety Briefing! South West Airlines! - Duration: 2:23.

    • 5 years ago
    A Pre Flight Safety RAP?!

    Now that's something you don't see everyday
  • That was SO sweet! Nicely done, Chief Hinson! Congratulations to you and your wife on 20 years. And thank you, Sir, for your service to our country!

    Mid Tour Roses - Duration: 3:37.

    • 2 years ago
    USO and Airline Passengers Help Soldier Returning from Afghanistan Give 20 Anniversary Roses to His Wife
  • The Guinea Pick is HILARIOUS!!!

    Pets Add Life Outtakes - Duration: 2:27.

    • 2 years ago
    Talking animal outtakes from the Pets Add Life interviews
  • So sweet.

    World's Most Polite Cat!!! - Duration: 2:36.

    • 3 years ago
    We have had several cats in our lives but none that would ask for attention by paw on hand request. Hope you enjoy and share video with others.
  • Shane, this is absolutely beautiful. Very inspirational. I'm sharing it with everyone I know.

    To This Day Project - Shane Koyczan - Duration: 7:37.

    • 2 years ago
    Shane Koyczan "To This Day" http://www.tothisdayproject.com Help this message have a far reaching and long lasting effect in confronting bullying. Please share generously.

    Find Shane on Facebook -...
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    Grumpy Cat | The grumpiest cat in the world!
  • Thank you for all you do for the animals, Adam. It's appalling what so-called "humans" can do to these sweet creatures. A donation to HSUS is on its way. Again, thank you. And Billy...you are adorable!!! XOXO

    Meet Billy, Rescued From a Puppy Mill - 2013 CINE Award Winner - Duration: 3:19.

    • 2 years ago
    Meet Billy, rescued from a North Carolina puppy mill, and his adopter, Adam.
    UPDATE: With heavy hearts, we report that Billy unexpectedly passed away over the holidays. See a personal message from ...
  • Oh she missed her daddy SO MUCH! Thanks for a heartwarming moment! And thanks for your service!

    Dog greets her soldier after 1 year in Iraq! - Duration: 1:29.

    • 2 years ago
    Accumulate your own Gold http://bit.ly/1orqTpi

    Jasmine has a Facebook fan Page. You can like her at facebook.com/jasminethesaint
    and view all her videos as well.

    Our St. Bernard Jasmine, was over...
  • Cutest video EVER!!!

    Emerson - Mommy's Nose is Scary! (Original) - Duration: 0:59.

    • 4 years ago
    My five-and-a-half-month old son Emerson isn't sure what to think when I blow my nose. Sometimes he's terrified, then he can't stop laughing.
  • No one can watch this video and not cry for your husband, our troops and our country. Thank you for your supreme sacrifice. Semper Fi.

    U.S. Flag Folding & Explanation of What Each Fold Represents - Duration: 5:51.

    • 6 years ago
    Please watch, explains what each fold represents in folding the U.S. Flag. My Love, My Husband & My Marine.....I miss you very much. Once a Marine always a Marine! My husband did not die in comba...
  • You go, Jackson! Can't wait for the new season! You'll do GREAT! Signed, one of your "little cat mojo muffins". :)

    Jackson on the night before My Cat From Hell season 4 begins shooting - Duration: 4:07.

    • 2 years ago
    Jackson Galaxy, star of Animal Planet's "My Cat From Hell," gets punchy, pensive, and reflective on the eve of his first day of shooting for season 4 of the hit T.V. show.

  • Sweet kitties (and puppy). I just finished listening to "Cat Daddy" (audio book). It was awesome! Some parts funny, some parts I sobbed through. It's good to finally get to see what Velouria looks like. Thanks for sharing your story (and your furry family) with us, Jackson!

    Meet Jackson Galaxy's Cats (and dog) - Duration: 1:36.

    • 2 years ago
    Jackson Galaxy, star of Animal Planet's "My Cat From Hell" introduces you to his three cats and one dog.

  • That was adorable! Congratulations to the happy and ALIVE couple! You two are going to have beautiful children, too!

    In Descent Proposal - Duration: 4:32.

    • 2 years ago
    She thought we were dying and ended up with a ring!

    Edited by www.fluidmotionpictures.com.
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    Maroon 5's #V pre-order is here. Pre-order your copy today on iTunes and get 2 tracks off the new album now!

    Pre-Order Here- http://smarturl.it/M5V
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    Jackson Galaxy is the host and Executive Producer of Animal Planet’s hit show, "My Cat From Hell." He consistently challenges both the traditional cat lover stereotype with his tattoo clad arms and
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    rick genest - rico the zombie
  • Leave your teeth as they are, Rico. You're gorgeous. You can make your teeth more "macabre" with dental make up for the shows; and you'll be able to keep your GORGEOUS smile forever.

    Exclusive Interview with Zombie Boy Rick Genest - Duration: 4:05.

    • 2 years ago
    Rick Genest, a.k.a. Zombie Boy, opens his home to http://www.WatchMojo.com. We talk tattoos, world records, and idols, plus we learn more about Lucifer's Blasphemous Mad Macabre Torture Carnival. W...
  • Rick Genest is gorgeous. Tattoos and all. "Judge not, lest ye be judged."

    Dermablend Professional- Tattoo Cover Up Makeup: Go Beyond The Cover - Duration: 2:53.

    • 3 years ago
    How do you judge a book?

    Visit http://www.gobeyondthecover.com to learn more.

    Song: "There Is Hope" Zoo Brazil feat. Rasmus Kellerman

    Copyright 2011 - Dermablend Professional
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  • I just love little Oskar! He always makes me smile. Thank you for taking such good care of him. :)

    Oskar the Blind Kitten on the Day We Found Him (and fell in love with him)! - Duration: 1:31.

    • 3 years ago
    These are just two clips we dug up from our collection of photos and videos. These were taken on July 9th, 2011, before Oskar came home with us. The first one is from the farm where he was living...
  • These young people, and I use that term loosely, are pathetic. I weep for the future.

    Making The Bus Monitor Cry - Duration: 10:09.

    • 2 years ago
    Visit the Karen Klein Anti-Bullying Foundation at http://www.karenkleinfoundation.org

    Greece, NY
    Bus #784
    Students Involved:
    Luis Recio
    Wesley Helm
    Brandon Teng
    Joshua Slesak

  • Miss you, Andy. You will always be the true Spartacus. Rest in peace.

    "Be Here Now" -- The Andy Whitfield Story Feature Documentary Trailer, by Lilibet Foster - Duration: 6:39.

    • 2 years ago
    We are really excited to report that we are almost finished editing the film. Thank you for your amazing support that has helped us get this far. As we are sure you understand from all of our updat...
  • "Mommy they're invading us!" LOL

    Brother and Sister Dental Odyssey - Duration: 10:01.

    • 4 years ago
    Me and my brother after we got our wisdom teeth out!

    Follow me on twitter:
    & my brother:

    Thanks for all the support! We love our fans (:
  • Anonymity = Bravery, I guess. That is one very smart doggy!

    Topanga Caught - Official Original - Duration: 1:50.

    • 2 years ago
    Topanga's caught again - Official Original

    She figured it out all on her own!

    Follow me on instagram @princesspanga
  • Love Gaga...and Rico (Rick Genest) the Zombie Boy!

    Lady Gaga - Born This Way (Normal Version) - Duration: 4:12.

    • 4 years ago
    How would be a videoclip from Lady Gaga without all that creepy and alien stuff?
    Follow me on twitter: http://twitter.com/gui_toscano

    I claim no right on this song.
  • I suddenly had this song pop into my head today for no reason. Couldn't stop humming it. Thank goodness it was on YouTube so I could watch/hear the whole song. A really sad song, but a favorite from my childhood.

    Gilbert O'Sullivan - Alone Again (original version) - Duration: 3:35.

    • 8 years ago
    enjoy. gilbert o'sullivans alone again in its original form. not that cruddy kareoke version with redubbed crap over the original. this is the real deal LIVE with flutes and all.
  • You did a WONDERFUL JOB on this video! You should not be punished for a beautiful and informative piece of work. Shame on your school administrators for not seeing the bigger picture. Keep up the good fight, young lady!

    The Story of Hailey Bennett (Fictional story about bullying) Annotations ON!! - Duration: 6:15.

    • 2 years ago
    FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Jessica-Barba/1276271872880...
    *********TURN ANNOTATIONS ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!*********** ~ For teachers, or students, or anyone for correct censoring o...
  • So adorable!!!

    How to inflate dog like a balloon - Duration: 0:27.

    • 2 years ago
    if you want to watch the best funny new video please vist and like our page on facebook http://www.facebook.com/7funny
  • Cassandra Bankson, DiamondsAndHeels14 - Channel

    • 819 videos
    Model. Student. & Online Media Personality. :) I'm a 19 Year Old Cali girl who has a passion for helping others and absolutely loves life!
    Requests or questions?diamondsandheels14@gmail.com
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  • I completely laughed OUT LOUD at that one! Thanks for sharing!

    Decorah Eagles - Dueling Corn Husks (The Decorah Shimmy) - Duration: 1:11.

    • 4 years ago
    Just something fun I put together using footage I captured from http://www.ustream.tv/channel/decorah-eagles of the amazing eagles on the Raptor Resource nest cam. These two are always fighting ov...
  • Oh Buck, what can I possibly say, other than, I LOVE YOU and your posts! Thanks for all the laughs! "Sorry daddy..." Gawd, you crack me up!!! LOL

    TAYLOR LAUTNER IS GAY?!!! - Demi Lovato Vs Disney! - Adam Lambert Arrested! - Duration: 6:55.

    • 3 years ago
    FREE CLOTHES VIDEO!!! http://youtu.be/yEtiCjhS7Jk
    Ariana Grande Interview! http://youtu.be/oYx4dKPaOVA

    Click To Tweet This Video! http://bit.ly/uYfvm...
  • This is not funny in any way. This guy is a mental case and this cat needs to be taken to a loving home.

    As for those of you who say "you actually thing that cats give a sh*t?" Yes, in fact, they do. how would you like someone yelling at you like that? It doesn't matter what you say to an animal, it's the TONE of how you say it. Grow up, people.

    Tourettes Cat - Duration: 2:27.

    • 8 years ago
    Hilarious video of some freak screaming at his cats. Guy with tourettes going nuts at his cat.
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