Est Jun 15 '93 :].
Est Jun 15 '93 :].

Yeahh I'm Asian :) 

Current Education: GCU '12 Freshmen Medical :D

Hay(: I'm Sani, Hassaan, saany, whateverr. I have hair two eyes two legs and 2 ears two nostrils one torso :P.. everything any other 17 year old would have. I'm me, talking about people doesn't work with me, I admire everyone for something. I'm easily amazed. I don't like trusting people, but I tend to, at times. I live in Islamabad actually but i study in lahore for somewat. I do just about everything. Let's make a story of a friendship between you and I(: Sound good?

ooh shyte i'm 18 now!!! and aint got enough time to re-write the whole new 'about me' thing
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