• The Existence of a Creative Entity: A Cartesian Perspective

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    After twenty-eight years of thought I have this month published a Cartesian mathematical system that represents the neural activity of thoughts, feelings, emotions, and the consequent behaviors of a single animal as it transits the four dimensions of space and time. I coin these Cartesian mathematical graphic models, Hanscyrus Pictures. Parameters delineating a basic, initial Hanscyrus Picture are the biological systems of an animal that maintain and sustain homeostasis. These biological systems are conceptualized into terms such as pain, joy, preservation, debilitation, and these terms are then placed as polar opposites of the graphic model.

    A particular arrangement of two Hanscyrus Pictures hypothesizes a mathematical “link” or connection between any and every living biological system and a sentient Creative Entity. I am not versed in the system of mathematics the hypothesis suggests, thus I cannot at the present time pursue this thought further.

    I’ve published my findings as an initially easy to understand Kindle book entitled, Secret of the Universe. The book begins with an introduction of three questions, asked by the sages of past, for the young minds to ponder upon: How did all this get here? Why are we here? What is the meaning of life? Parent or guardian with reflective answers of their own to these questions of magnitude sets the stage for the book to then ask a young person to perform a simple mental exercise in introspection and self-awareness, “Young man, young woman, close your eyes and listen to yourself say the word, Hello.” The thoughts and attention of any young person are now aware of and focusing onto that “thing” in the back of their eyes. Pages are turned and a robot named Murgatroyd is introduced. Murgatroyd is from the future and, like the young reader also possesses a thing in the back of its eyes. Murgatroyd constructs for the reader a simple Cartesian mathematical model describing how “that thing in the back of the eyes” is related to everything else within the universe. (Math fans and fans of Renė Descartes, hooray! We did it! :)

    I imagine Secret of the Universe to spark the minds of many young folk with an interest in mathematics. I suppose parents will be peppered with questions they have no answers for at the moment. Were I to someday read that Secret to the Universe was an inspiration to the future man or woman who wrote the Nobel Prize winning paper explaining to the world the systems and methods inside a collection of neurons that give rise to "that thing in the back of our eyes," I will sleep well that night.

    My name is Kurt L Hanson.

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