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    On November the 17th I gave myself the challenge of writing three pieces of music. I started by making 3 sketches giving myself 15 minutes for each one. Next up I elaborated on the arrangements taking 1 to 2 hours per track and eventually mixing and mastering all of them within 30 minutes per track. The result is this EP, created entirely on this stormy thursday.

    This video series is a documentation of this entire process for myself to learn from and for you to enjoy of course :).

    The title Never Give Up is inspired by the learning process I had. The past few weeks I have been losing my focus very quickly whilst composing. Today I learned that just because the first idea that you come up with isn't the most exciting it doesn't mean it can't grow into something beautiful. Never Give Up was the track with the least potential after the 15 minute sketch time but it eventually turned out to be my favourite song off the EP. :) Thanks for listening!
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    Analog is an album I wrote completely on a Doepfer A-100 modular synthesizer system. When I started working with it it sounded organic, almost like a living creature. I got hooked and wrote lots of songs, witch you can hear on this album. Songs about my life, songs that make me feel sad, happy, angry or maybe even spaced out. I think this album takes you on a journey through sound without losing coherance.

    Apart from the synthesizer that is featured in this album I also got to use my voice on two songs, "Fade" and "In the Dark". This made me get more personal and up close with my music. It feels very vunerable sharing these two songs with the world and I hope you can either relate to or enjoy these songs.

    I am really proud of the result of a lot of work, from composing to mastering everything was made with my own blood, sweat and tears. I hope you enjoy listening to it just as much as I enjoyed making it!
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    Delicate, precise, emotional, soft, lout, gentle, powerfull, smooth maybe even sexy. There are many words to describe textures in dance. As a composer I am always looking for a way to immerse the audience into the world of the choreographer by supporting the performance on stage with sound. It is a difficult task, there is a fine line bitween being too subtle and on the other side overpowering. For multiple years I have been making music for various choreographers in different styles. Every time a new piece comes around I tempt to make it my "Opus Magnum".

    Being a dancer and performing artist myself gives me the advantage of knowing what "feels good" to dance to. This is of course a subjective matter that changes over time and also gets influenced by the input of the choreographer. But nevertheless, I believe that a deep understanding of composition, choreography and dramaturgy is a must for a theatrical composer. Knowing when to "go with the flow" or when to make counterpoints is crucial for making a piece exciting and most of al suprising.

    Scoring is a process of finding moments when the sound really takes center stage or when it generates room for movement. In a way music is an entity that is performing on stage alongside the dancers. It can be the backdrop but also a soloist or become part of the ensemble.
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