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    51 Tracks & 2 Continuous Mixes By DJ Muffler
    Released Friday 2nd June 2017

    Living in the UK, you quickly learn that you can't trust the weather to indicate the arrival of summer. For DnB heads, though, there's a far more reliable signal to gear up for festival and holiday season. And now it's here. Yes, Technique's Summer 2017 LP has dropped, and it's done so with Richter-troubling force.

    For a start off, it's a monumental fifty-one tracks deep (with two continuous mixes from Muffler thrown in for good measure) featuring contributions from all corners of the drum 'n' bass scene. For example, Viper bosses Matrix & Futurebound pass through, with the insane 8-bit video game riffs of “Scatterbrain”. Brookes Brothers deliver the stripped-back R&B-flavoured “Good to Me”. Invaderz underpin jazz keys with rolling beats in “Gruisin”. And, who would have predicted the appearance of two cuts from the mighty Aquasky?

    Plus, of course, the regular Technique roster are out in force. New signings T-Phonic & Deadman give us an instant-classic junglist workout, complete with thundering breaks and savage Reese bass. We've got MaxNRG doing crazy things to melodies in “Soul Fever”, two pieces from Document One, Tantrum Desire's “Gravitate”, L Plus's dancefloor bubbler “Going Away”, tracks from Spectrem...and that's before we even get onto the contributions from label bosses Drumsound & Bassline Smith themselves.

    This album covers the full spectrum and then twists the dial a few notches more.

    It might say Summer on the cover, but this is far more than a collection of festival tunes. From shadow to sunlight, Drumsound & Bassline Smith have curated a collection that displays the full gamut of what DnB has to offer in 2017. Just dive in, they're about to take you on a journey.

    1. Drumsound & Bassline Smith – Take a Chance
    2. Brookes Brothers – Good to Me
    3. Fliwo – Run Away
    4. Muffler – Snowflakes
    5. Tantrum Desire – Gravitate
    6. Salaryman – Roller Forever
    7. Kronology – Star in a Jar
    8. Tapolsky & VovKING –88
    9. T:Base – Through the Night
    10. L Plus – Going Away
    11. Matrix & Futurebound – Scatterbrain
    12. Revaux & Subdivision – Everything (feat. MC Subliminal)
    13. Tweakz & Emtee – Tell Me
    14. Javano – United As One
    15. Aquasky – Your Love
    16. Document One – Same You
    17. MaxNRG – Soul Fever
    18. Tapolsky & VovKING – Needle
    19. Drumsound & Bassline Smith – Holdin On
    20. Casey Jones – False Truths
    21. Invaderz – Gruisin
    22. Murdock – Arrival
    23. Zen Dub & Vision – Frozen
    24. Schematic – Have You Ever Wondered 25. Spectrem – Distance
    26. NC-17 x Des McMahon – Dubminded
    27. Genzo – Wait No More (feat. Pat Heym)
    28. Ill Truth & Defex – Too Late
    29. AudioSketch & Surplus – Not Again (feat. Critical Event)
    30. Document One –Uh-Huh
    31. Salaryman – Live a Better Life
    32. Oder – Points of View
    33. Danny Wheeler – Walking Away (feat. Kemi Ade)
    34. Stereotype – Mile High Club
    35. Schematic & Polaris – So Long
    36. Zen Dub – Dawning
    37. Akomplis & Atomik Tags – Reminisce
    38. Spectrem – Luxury
    39. Conspire – Pending
    40. T-Phonic & Deadman – The Sound of Now
    41. Tapolsky & VovKING – Primitive Jazz
    42. Dan Guidance – I Dream of You
    43. Stereotype – Got it Twisted
    44. SKMA – Forever
    45. Aquasky – I Like the Way (You're Doin It)
    46. Schematic & Hungry T – Lay You Down (feat. Grimm)
    47. Conspire – Whirlwind
    48. Brian Brainstorm – The Trophy
    49. Living Plastic – She
    50. War Machine – Detector
    51. Consouls – Flares

    For interview requests and more information, contact:

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  • MaxNRG - Hide Away My Heart EP [Technique Recordings, TECH096] Play all

    Buy: http://www.beatport.com/release/maxnrg-hide-away-my-heart...
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    MaxNRG - Hide Away My Heart / Danger Zone EP

    RELEASE DATE: 12th My 2013

    Ukrainian drum and bass pioneer MaxNRG signed to Technique Recordings last year, and instantly proved his credentials to the UK scene. His debut EP, "Prometheus", showed off a melodic sensibility that provides an ideal counterpoint to his tough beats and basslines, resulting in heavy radio and rave rotation. So, time to show off more of this flavour.

    And that flavour, as MaxNRG has already proved, has a lot to do with melody, which is at the top of the agenda for "Hide Away My Heart". A sing-along refrain and cleverly interweaving riffs create the calm before the firestorm of the drop. An, proving the flexibility of this style, on top of the D&B mix, there's a selection of other delivery systems for the payload. A Radio Mix, an Instrumental Mix, a savage Dubstep Mix and even a electro-plosive House Mix, proving that, whatever your flavour, MaxNRG's style can get you hyped.

    This flavour's all about melody, but that's not the end of the story. "Danger Zone" flips the musicality into another dimension. Now, it's deployed to create an unsettling horror-movie landscape, populated by tormented samples, before filtered beats and a gravelly bassline slowly move into view. On the face of it, this is a simple, if dark-hued roller, but as the tune progresses, sounds become modulated beyond your wildest expectations to draw you further into this paradigm.

    If you don't know about MaxNRG yet, then you'd better not miss out on this release. In these two tracks, he's shown that his style can encompass both the light and the darkness, making his
    output vital parts of any selector's armoury.


    1. Hide Away My Heart (Original Mix)
    2. Hide Away My Heart (Radio Mix)
    3. Hide Away My Heart (Instrumental Mix)
    4. Hide Away My Heart (Dubstep Mix)
    5. Hide Away My Heart (House Mix)
    6. Danger Zone

    For interview requests, and further information, contact:

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  • MaxNRG - Prometheus EP [Technique Recordings, TECH087] Play all

    Support MaxNRG - Purchase the Prometheus EP
    ► www.beatport.com/release/prometheus-ep/937110

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    RELEASE DATE: 15th JULY 2012

    The word "unique" gets bandied about a lot when new artists are being
    promoted. MaxNRG, Technique's latest signing, however, deserves that
    moniker. Representing Ukraine, he's been a pioneer of the drum and
    bass scene in his homeland since the late nineties, and now label
    bosses Drumsound and Bassline Smith have lit the fuse that's going to
    blow up his reputation worldwide.

    From the opening bars of the title track of this EP, "Prometheus",
    you can tell there's something different about this producer. Sure,
    it's got the dance-demolishing bass and beats that you would expect
    from a Technique Recordings release, but it's MaxNRG's melodic sense
    that really sets him apart. Twisting Eastern European musicality
    around the drum and bass paradigm creates a style that you've really
    never heard before.

    Then, "Arkan" takes it up another notch, explicitly laying out the
    blueprint to MaxNRG's approach. This is unmistakably the sound of
    Ukrainian D&B. Traditional folk sounds organically blend into
    razor-edge synth-work in a way you wouldn't have thought possible. The
    combination of styles melds into a high-energy workout guaranteed to
    become a rave anthem.

    Next, just to show he's got more than one trick up his sleeve, Max
    throws down "Metro 2033 VIP". This is a slice of technoid darkness
    designed to show that he can do atmosphere and tension as well as
    upbeat melody. Layers of floating pads and percussive sounds dissolve
    into a skank-out drop to prove this producer has got all bases covered.

    And while he's covering bases, the final track "Sunset of Empire"
    covers two in one. He delivers a beautiful film-score panorama of an
    intro, and then brutally switches and glitches things up with a
    serrated bass-drop.

    The "Prometheus EP" is just the beginning of MaxNRG's assault on the
    world of D&B as part of the Technique Recordings crew. Any discerning
    DJ who hears these tunes will want to be part of that assault too.
    Ukranian D&B has planted its flag, and now it's here to stay.


    1. Prometheus
    2. Arkan
    3. Metro 2033 VIP
    4. Sunset of Empire

    For interview requests, and further information contact:

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    Include remixes on Pendulum and Chase & Status
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  • MaxNRG - TrapCheck EP [FREE] Play all

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