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Masry Hor

#Bassem برنامج البرنامج مع باسم يوسف Play

البرنامج؟ مع باسم يوسف برنامج ناقد سياسي ساخر على غرار جون ستيوارت الناقد السياسي الساخرلكن بأسلوب جديد ومبتكر
During and post the revolution in Egypt, I used to watch The daily show with Jon Stewart, a really sarcastic political program that brings serious issues on a plate of satire, and I was thinking at that time, why don't we have such talents here in Egypt, we've always been known for our sense of humor, and the closest we've got was Amr Adeeb, having millions of viewers every single day but despite what he thinks, he has an awful taste of humor, and I kept following each program trying to find a good one, from the ultimate crier "Mona El Shazly", passing by the always surprised "Moataz Al Dimirdash", reaching to the day dreamer, apparently the most brutal fan of the conspiracy theory "Ahmed Meslemany".
And then someone working in my office introduced me to Bassem Yousif when he was still making videos on youtube, can't say it was amateur, although the low cost production, but it was fairly professional and exactly what was needed to get through people, the statistics started jumping every time he posted a new video till the moment he join ONTV with his new program "Al Bernameg"
Bassem Yousif, M.D. A Doctor, heard he is a surgeon but not quite sure about it, has given us a new wave in political shows with his astonishing sarcasm and amazing taste of humor, not only he crossed "what we used to call" limits, but also he won the admiration of political personnels he's making fun of, and despite what some people think, his show isn't intended to destroy reputations, or demote a certain image we hold for someone, but he actually elevate this image, like in one of his episodes, when he interviewed two brothers, one is liberal and the other is Islamist "Salafi". He was kind of making fun of them both, but he changed -at least -- my view over Islamists in Egypt, showing not all of them follow the "don't smile in their faces, just kill" theory, but many of them have a good taste of humor, many of them ready to discuss, and pointed out a very important issue between liberals and Islamists, which is why are they always fighting?
Perhaps Dr. Yousif, is a funny man, but with his sarcasm he brings out some stupid issues in a way that shows you how stupid they are, instead of telling you not to think about them in an insulting way like some other presenters, like for an example, the spy they caught, the health state of Mubarak, what are people in Turrah prison are doing? What they ate? What they read?.

I intended to write this article as criticism of Bassem Yousif, but I found myself embracing him instead, and that only tells me that I really admire his show.

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