• Common Misconceptions about Lyme Disease

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    Lyme is hard to get and easy to treat.
    Hard to get?
    False. Lyme can be transmitted through vectors OTHER than tick bites.
    Mosquitoes, fleas (highest carriers of bartonella), spiders, mites are some other carriers of the lyme bacteria Borrelia Burgdorfi.
    It also can be passed on through pregnancy, sexual transmission, or blood transfusions.

    According to the CDC over 300, 000 people are infected with lyme disease every year- these numbers are higher than the aids epidemic or the west nile virus.

    You feel the tick bite you SO you should know when you were bit.
    False.Most people don't feel a tick bite as ticks secrete a numbing agent before biting you. They can also be tiny and can go undetected.

    Everyone with LYME disease gets a bulls eye rash.
    Only 50% of people with lyme ever get a bulls eye rash.

    Lyme disease testing is accurate.
    False. Lyme disease tests fail to pick up over 50% of lyme disease cases leading to misdiagnosis and inability to get diagnosed and treated. You can have a negative lyme test, and STILL have lyme disease.
    Tests also only test for antibodies to a few strains...the irony is that there are over 300 strains of borrelia worldwide!

    Misdiagnosis never happens with lyme.
    False.** Most people with lyme disease fail to get diagnosed with lyme disease because of faulty testing and diagnostics like having a bulls eye rash. Some people do have a bulls eye rash and bring in the tick in to the doctors and STILL do not get diagnosed with lyme because of the controversy surrounding lyme and it's treatment. The politics scare doctors away- as they do not wish to lose their licenses.

    Lyme is just an acute infection.
    Lyme is a debilitating and often times chronic infection especially if left untreated. It CAN be fatal. No, 2-4 weeks of antibiotics does not cure a chronic lyme infection. (Especially one that has gone untreated for years!)

    There was way more that I talked about when I originally recorded this, but I had to cut this down to 15 minutes for youtube. I might make a part 2. What say you?


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