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    Hey its the same cockless wonder who is harassing chicks at New York Comic Con. Wow can you get any more pathetic than harassing female con goers. Ugh some people deserve to be jobless. 
    Lothian Tam
    How interesting that you're pathetically unable to equate a woman to that of a human. Learn some respect, you're neither funny nor catchy. Simply a piece of walking shit. 
    What a dickless buffoon.
    Ilav Jujuday
    Man banter? This is creep banter! A "man" doesn't behave this way. 
    I love this, so true. They'e insulting every non-ceep man out thee by generalizing them with their title
    You're in the fucking shit now.
    Jimm Wright
    You should be hung by your balls and dick until they tear off, then have the bloody mangled remains cauterized. You are not worthy of your manhood, and I hope that you never reproduce, and spread your ignorance. Swine such as yourself should just be removed from the gene pool.
    Akshay Chitturi
    This guy's a shock jock. You realize that by saying this on his channel you're basically doing what he wants... right?
    Someone please erase this show from existence. This host's inability to pull off being a self-deprecating character has crossed the line into simply forcing himself onto other people. I don't care whether Sirius Radio stays in business or not, but they would be smart to pull someone like this off of their lineup and save themselves the negative attention.
    Lady M
    So... I heard about the crap you were pulling at the New York Comic con, and needless to say, I am not impressed. Men like you are why ladies take self-defense courses. Your belief that possessing a pair of male genitals, however diminutive they may be, grants you the right to harass women for your own amusement is truly sickening. You know what we do with horses that are too randy for their own good? We hogtie them in a field, haul out the scalpels and lop their balls off. There's even a saying about it: " Take the balls off and the brains come back". You know who the majority of equestrians are? Women. Don't piss off ladies who have no qualms about neutering a disobedient stallion. We may just decide the same treatment would suit you. 
    "Man" Banter? I seriously feel sorry for the male gender if this is what you would consider masculine. This is a sad product of the human race and you should be ashamed if you think this harassment and pure drivel is entertaining in the slightest.
    Joshua Ice
    Cowards on the run from the internet. good riddance 
    Hahaha, notice you deleted your twitter.  Guess it's real tough being you.
    Cat C
    Wow, you guys are assholes.
    Anita W
    "The Most Unapologetic Man Show in the history of Public Access TV" Well evidently that's false because it looks like all their stuff is privated.
    This channel is for faggots, by faggots. 
    Nancy Hill
    is this supposed to be funny? pro tip: if you act like a fourth grader who just learned what sex is, you're not going to get close enough to a woman to learn more about it. enjoy your hand and the potential end of your career. 
    Hamish Spencer
    Hey your site's so popular with hatred now it might have to be shut down. Congratulations Einstein.  Does your shitty attitude stem form the abuse you received at school for having a completely ridiculous surname? It sounds like the title of a dodgy Russian sapphic video-nasty. Of all the possible personae you could have adopted, you chose Mike Babchick.  Ideas for the show - 1. Change your name by deed poll so you can be taken seriously. Did your mum not get the memo when she arrived at Ellis Island? 
    Ken At Popehat
    Hey, big congrats on reaching the lofty $105 mark on your IndieGogo, Man Banter and Mike Babchik!  http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/man-banter-with-mike-babchik  Clearly people recognize quality when they see it.
    You sir are the blathering son of a brazen doxy.
    I thought it was funny keep doing what your doing
    Maritza Campos
    Fucking cowards.
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