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    I think this kid is dead guys... Good...
    you are so fucking Reatarded Go blow your dad you fucking piece of shit
    You got to be the stupidest fucking asshole in the world !!!!!!!! Looks like the best part of you was left on the mattress when you were conceived you fucking little bitch !!!!!!!!! Get off youtube and go FUCK YOURSELF you little prick having pussy !!!! And you wonder why your mom always buy you dress's to wear !! Also just to remind you , FUCK YOU NO PICK HAVING PUSSY MOTHER FUCKING CUNT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Mon Mot
    I hope u get swallowed by a whale u ignorant racist fool. tbh never knew shit heads like u still excited just go suck ten 10 balls and chock on all of them I wonder who ur mother was cuz she clearly didn't train u well on how to talk to ppl. ur a fucking prick and need to go shoot ursleff weeeeeeelllllllllllll. please I am begging u to just pleaseeeeeeeee go to the doctor and get ur brain checked cuz theres no point a bird brain like u to even open ur mouth or give opinions that just die rot in hell too
    Tarski Merceda
    you are an idiot.
    Jonathan Alfonso
    I just saw your arrogant comments on the "Asrock M8" motherboard page, and you are really a genuine ass. I don't know what died in your brain but you seriously have issues if you think you can just threaten people and make them think you can actually cause harm on the internet. You said people like them make you sick, but it's really people like you that make everyone sick. Think next time before you speak.
    First of all apple is an arrogance company thats why i hate them And if apple take risk they wouldnt been overconfidence that mac is better thing and of course i had one of theyre fucking products and it sucks most people replace iphone with galaxy note these days you know why cause apple A6 drain up battery quicker than exynos 6 and if you think apple can continue living i dont think so apple is going to die soon Apple always came up with boring names sometimes theyre product using same name like macbook pro you cant even recognize it because theyres NO MODEL NUMBERS and if you wanna upgrade it warranty would be voided on the macbook mid 2006 And NO,PC bought intel hardwares more than apple due to so many company out there your over confidence of your self bitch ass you finally giving up also if you wanna game on a mac you have to Hardly boot to windows theyres plenty of PC users and only few of you macs user face it your useless MACS ARE BORING!!!!
    I wasn't being mean to Timmy, I merely made a suggestion. I even wrote that if he has a different sense of aesthetics that that is completely valid and that what I was saying was just my own opinion. I said that as nicely as possible and it was meant as constructive criticism. I can't imagine that he had as strong a reaction to it as you did. Have a good day.
    Man, you suck at math.
    Plain idiot. You should really think what you comment on videos..
    Michel Cepero
    Why must you act like a bitch with star wars give it a chance why don;t you
    You don't know SHIT about computers.
    You're a fucking faggot.
    John Connor
    seriously man, when you commented on TastyPCs video about the AX1200i you sounded like a stalker or something. you said that other guy that didnt care about lauren and only watched her videos for enjoyment: firstly, shes just someone providing a good service, why should he care about her? secondly, why else would anyone watch a video like that if not for some form of entertainment?
    Lol this douche was being stupid so i thought lets post a comment on his channel saying he's an idiot. But it seems like im not the first. xD
    Read Below
    Lol you uneducated "fuktard".
    Rifqi Yusuf
    i think you should stop, please turn off your internet
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