Informations personnelles :
Informations personnelles :
JC MaaknClass is a Parisian singer/slamer Artist, born march 10th 1970 on the island of Noumea, New Caledonia. By the creation of his music, he appears as a cultural link between the Parisian underground Artistic stage (open to all Cosmopolitan multiEthnic vibes and BigRespect Africa & Creoles) & the Island of New Caledonia, on the continental zone Pacific-Oceania-Asia. The path of « Papa MaaknCo » is the explosive meeting with an iconoclast updated electro universe for the domain of music ; with a living symbol of the inter-tribal dialogue through an electric Art on service for the Friendship and the Respect between the Beings and their Cultures. Ze brend, ze touch of the « homestudio sound MaaknBand » mirrors 20 years (1990/2010) of electric experiences into the Artistic underground of Paris. A « Label by itself » on the very closed milieu of the European underground for this factory represented by the one nicknamed « NoumeakParis PapaBoss » on « the milieu », or more intimely « the Child Coco of Noumea and Islands » on his native island of the pacific. The pulsional sensibility of the character reflects the open-mind approach of the last 20 years' « lived encounters » of his life marked by the exile of his island ; his young age (1990/2000) on the Parisian suburbs of Seine-Saint-Denis (93), his loved place where remains all his Friends of Heart ; his second exile (2000/2010) at Paris 19, areas Place des Fetes-les Buttes Chaumont-Mouzaia, where he became a public-figure with a social function for the urban young people of the blocks. From his homeStudio located at Paris 19, he represents "ze MaaknBand" an unformal team of multi-ethnical musicians who provides inventive sounds from different roots around ze world. After ten years (2000/2010) spent to perform only live during special live concerts (at Paris "Fleche d'or", "Trevise", "Sentiers des halles"...), he concludes a "gentleman's agreement" with an another star of the underground circuit of Paris (JM Tempo Studio Pearl Creole Records) for the recording of a 10 tracks experimental LP named "PARIS JUNGLE UNDERGROUND". The challenge of this first LP is clearly clear : to transfer the French language with Noumea's accent into the most-modern electro jungle Music available, and smash that into European radios & clubs. For winning this difficult challenge, the executive production of the opus has been took in charge by the French/Italian contemporary Creator known under the alias of « Chagance » (a.k.a Stefano Franco Bora) met few months before during the recording of a lounge Hit written by MaaknClass for Stefano's Parisian-Italian Cousin Laetitia Zeppellini (a.k.a LiJixia), a european star of the medias in China. This partnership marks the connexion between the LP and the Italians of Paris ; it's also an intimate channel of dialogue with the pressure's power of the Italian diaspora around the World. After 9 months of production (march/december 2010), the LP is ready. The first videos displaying « Samples » of the songs are already (without any advertisment) Hits on the youtube site with more than 30,000 viewers. December 2010, even before the signature of the LP with a major label of the musical industry, the LP has already reached the status of « Cult » with its Hits (« DubFaya », « Papa is ze Boss », « Paris Jungle London Underground », « MaakAttak a Noumeak ») running on the radios and dancefloors' European playlists.
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